A new truss rod flat car


I now have most of what I need for a new truss rod flat car for the Standard Gauge portion of the Great North Central.

Yes--it's a bunch of scale 12 x 6's, brass wire, planks, couplers, stirrups, and trucks.  The queen posts, turnbuckles, bolsters, and brakes are on order.  The photo is poor--sorry about that--but at least gives an idea of what I'm starting with.  If I have a chance later, I'll shoot for a better pic.

Single Stall Engine House Part 5


Yesterday I assembled window sashes & the glazing, and this morning I did some wall assembly.

First image showing parts for windows and doors. The long windows have two pieces, the upper sash with a small frame where the bottom sash mounts, and the bottom sash. the parts have adhesive backs so it's peel n stick. I suggest assembling the two sash parts first then add the glazing.

Small Ideas in a Small Space



I have been working on my small layout for the past couple months. This post details some of my design rationale, and some of the little steps that go into making that vision a reality. Check it out, and let me know what you think!

Cutting Homasote splines


Finally got around to cutting my two sheets of homasote into 2 inch spline material.    Special thanks to Jeff Otto for the 'proof of concept'(i.e. his beautiful layout) and to Matt Goodman from the Layout Construction group who showed how to cut duplicate strips with a circular saw and jig(Jeff's method is with a table saw which I ain't got)

Couple shots of the jig and how it works:

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Return to the C & O


A rebirth of Lou Schultz's C & O Railroad.  Lou passed away earlier this year but the operators got together and have started operating the layout again.  Sorry Lou we put the steam era behind us. There is issue with android and embeded links. This link just drop x in front of www. X



Single Stall Engine House Part 4


I've managed to finish up the painting and start some assembly now. I also found a solution to hide my paint creep problem on the two tone paint job.

First image painted window and door frames and trim pieces.


The new (known for the Small Layout Scrapbook) website is live!


After more then 100 hours of work, I finally launched the new website yesterday. A new Small Layout Scrapbook post will follow somewhere this week!

In the course of about a year, I converted the whole website from a static HTML website, to a readable, dynamic, maintainable and easily expandable website. It was a lot of work, but given the reactions I have already gotten, it was surely worth it!

The main issues with the old website were: 

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1 tree, 2 tree. Green tree, blue tree. Dealing with shadows on the backdrop


Been having some fun lately trying to deal with a particularly nasty shadow on the backdrop.

Here is my problem:

I like the effect of the lone Spruce next to the engine house but the shadow makes it blatantly obvious that the sky aint' real!

I tried painting some darker clouds around the shadow as seen on the right side here:

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Richlawn RR V2 - Background hills corner piece


**** UPDATED 7-2-14 - I've added trees to the corner piece.  It's still a work in process.  Please see the new posting near the bottom of this thread.

**** UPDATED 6-26-14 - Added additional layers of stuff the the hills.  Please see the new posting near the bottom of this thread.

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