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Cuyahoga River Bridge - Part 3

Now that the basic bridge is completed and slots correctly, it is time for finishing touches. First is the electrical work of soldering drops to the power buss. I elected for one drop location on the back side (non-visible) of the structure that connects a short distance to the end of the buss using wire nuts.

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Update on BNML Layout Progress

Here is an update on my progress on the BNML. Letellier to Emerson...

This diagram shows the area covered in this update.

(Letellier is on the right and Noyes is off the bottom, on the left.)

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JL&T Railroad Blog - Change is comming...

There is some major changes coming to the JL&T soon...

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Help programing a DIY DCC Servo Function decoder with JMRI - Work on the DCC uncoupler car continues



Anyone know how to set the Throw range for servos and function decoders? I need the servo to self center in normal position then travel left or right to work coupler. Right now it is very sporadic on the movement.  

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Send Picture testing

Just testing to see if I can send pictures....

Downtown Stokes Valley RR

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Modeler’s License

I recently added coal pits to the Loveland and Windsor sugar beet factories.   Coal was stored there for use in the factory boilers.

The first comment has the details.

My brand new shelf layout

Hello, I will show you Shelf Layouts I’m working on.
I have found on guest room of my house some space for a shelf layout and, most important thing, my girlfriend agree: D

The layout space is not so big but I’m pretty sure to make something can satisfy me both in functionality and design

I have plane to make some module to be easier to maintaining procedure and change them when I will be more professional with years.

Just when you thought you have seen it all (track design)

A friend of mine just shared this with me. The aerial photo is from Carbonia, Italy. Looks like a wye for a very compact space! Looks like a good Fast Tracks project.  


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Building a Model Railroad

This is video i made for a friend building a new model rr. General comments on how things are done. Hope it helps some one get started. 





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