Scratchbuilt Gantry Crane/Yard Lights

As Joe F has been saying their aren't enough scratch build articles, so I figured I would document my last little project. 

I have been slowly developing a little diorama on one of my sidings using Walthers Central Gas & Supply. One of the things that I wanted to add was some working yard lights.  Having perused what was available on the interweb, I could find nothing suitable and decided to make something myself.

N&W Pokey District, Sub 1 3/4 New Update

It's been a long time since I posted an update on the construction of my HO layout, so I thought it was time to let my fellow MRH readers know what's been happening lately on the N&W Pokey District, Sub 1 3/4!

direct dcc

here -if any interest- is a you-tube-film from us with the tamvalleydepot-receiver.

i hope one can understand my "english" from germany.                     christoph

url =

Happy Easter from the Essex Terminal Rail

I Would like to say to every model railroaderHappy Easter! I hope to post some photos soon of my Essex Terminal Railway from Brisbane Au.

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Update on BNML Layout Progress - Golden Spike!

Tonight, April 19, 2014, at 8:34pm, the Golden Spike was laid on the BNML. The last spike was appropriately located at the junction of all 3 railroads; the CP, CN/BNML, and the BNSF, at Noyes MN.

Ok, actually there are no spikes on my layout. Golden caulking? Maybe not.

Anyway... Progress has been made!

Photo shows the last section to be laid.

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The tree-eating Lynn Valley

It's been a busy week of twisting and gooping armatures. But I now have about 50 trees in place in the Lynn Valley area of my layout. And at a guess, I'm only half done.

But, it's looking better all the time...

More on my blog: Enjoy if you visit!

- Trevor

Trevor Marshall

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Two Monsters waiting for service.

In my Patagonia and Black Rock's H0 Layout, some August day, these two monsters waiting patiently to take service.

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Some more Chesapeake, Wheeling & Erie video

Stuart Thayer, his brother Bill and nephew Pete stopped by for a visit last week. Pete was able to catch a few trains on the railroad. Here's a link to his video:

Hope you enjoy!

Tom Patterson

Pembroke II: Mutant Bullfrogs

I decided to use Fast Tracks Bullfrog Manual Turnout Controls for controlling the turnouts on Pembroke. I tested these out at a show a couple of years ago, and liked the positive clunk compared to some other systems. I also liked the price (you're getting to know me by now), and finally I like the fact that they're wood.

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