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Bridges, Bridges and More B.....


This is the last of the three section of bridges in this area of the Grande Pacific that I am currently working on.  Will put five pictures of Cripple Creek and the three bridges that cross the creek.  Will do step by step video of all.


Saga of the Slate Fork Branch


In southwest Virginia and eastern Tennessee, the Southern Railway's Appalachia Division moved coal. While not as big a player as its Pocahontas competitors C&O and N&W in the coal-hauling business, the Southern did so with its signature style.

Pembroke: Staging


In which I muddle through construction of the staging yard...

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IAIS's West End - "Is this Heaven?"


..."No, it's Iowa."  Finally time to start adding some of my own "Fields of Dreams".

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Watching Video on Android Tablet


In the past 6 months getting videos posted on MRH to play on my Android tablet require that you press the You Tube logo at the bottom on the YT video picture frame. If i just tap video get a message that says cannot plays now. 

Is only happening on MRH but i am sure it has to do with compatablity. example if on PC works fine. 

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Homasote curved roadbed filler


I milled homasote for roadbed in both straight and curved sections. The photo shows a section of curved roadbed. Do you think the best solution for filling the kerfs would be caulk, or is there a better option? 

I’m thinking caulk would be the best for flexibility and it would provide some grip for spikes (albeit minimal), but I’m interested in other ideas. 

FEC Boxcar


Florida East Coast RR Stanray Sided Boxcar

To All: Here is a 40 foot FEC boxcar I scratch built with stanray sides. It is inspired by a photo in a rolling stock book. Decals custom made by Ricky Rupp of Modern Rail Company. I plan on painting the roof and ends blue like the prototype. Yours, Elvin Howland/E. St. Louis Rail Group Layout

Middle school model RR: cutting roadbed


Maybe it’s just the mild climate here, but I’ve never had any problem with sagging roadbed when I’ve used a glued-together sandwich of Homosote and plywood over 16” spacing between risers. Even when I’ve used ½” plywood it always felt plenty stable, even overkill.

So for light weight and ease of handling, I decided to risk being scolded by wiser and more experienced modelers and used ¼” plywood on this layout. I admit that I’m nervous about having to eat crow, but so far I’m not seeing a problem.

N&W Pokey District, Sub 1 3/4 Goodbye!


Well, for reasons too long to go into here, the multi-level layout I started a few years ago has to come down. It's a tough thing to say good-bye to something one has put so many long hours of work into. But, trying to keep things in proper perspective, no layout is forever. Sooner or later they all come down! And whether we want to admit it out loud as modelers or not, a layout is not the be all and end all of life! There's so much more to live for than a layout, no matter how great the layout might be.

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Today in Harperlandia...




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