where my layout idea is from

So in a previous comment I had said that I based my layout on a version from " Small, Smart and Practical Track Plans" by Iain Rice I came across when researching this. it was based on a three shelf layout he had done.

So Here are a couple of pics from the book that I've based mine on with some modification.


Starting small

This is my first layout, so being that I don't have a large amount of space I'm starting small.
I figure this way I'll be realizing some accomplishment with my work sooner than trying to attempt a large layout.
I've decided to go with a shelf switchng layout, after searching for information on small layouts.
So here are some pics on what I've done so far.

Building Crossovers with Fast Tracks Turnouts

I need a few single crossovers like the one shown below. This post describes how I combine two Fast Tracks #6 N-scale switches into a single crossover.

Crossover installed on layout


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A visit to the Wiskey Central

Today I had the pleasure of meeting a new friend and operating on a busy little switching layout in Winnipeg.

The railroad represents a small section of the Kimberly Sub of the WC and has several paper mills, along with a few other industries. Lots to keep a crew busy in this 10x13 space.

You can catch up with Bob and his buddies at .

Thanks for a great afternoon!

- Bill

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Richlawn RR V2 - Background hills rock coloring & foliage

It took three days for the carved plaster hills to fully cure.  I had to wait until they were cured otherwise it's difficult to color them and the color of the plaster is different uncured.  I use the "spotted method" (that I learned from others) along with washes and dry brush highlights.

Here's the way the carved rocks look once dried.  They are gray as a result of colorant I added to the plaster mix.

Scratchbuilt Gantry Crane/Yard Lights

As Joe F has been saying their aren't enough scratch build articles, so I figured I would document my last little project. 

I have been slowly developing a little diorama on one of my sidings using Walthers Central Gas & Supply. One of the things that I wanted to add was some working yard lights.  Having perused what was available on the interweb, I could find nothing suitable and decided to make something myself.

N&W Pokey District, Sub 1 3/4 New Update

It's been a long time since I posted an update on the construction of my HO layout, so I thought it was time to let my fellow MRH readers know what's been happening lately on the N&W Pokey District, Sub 1 3/4!

direct dcc

here -if any interest- is a you-tube-film from us with the tamvalleydepot-receiver.

i hope one can understand my "english" from germany.                     christoph

url =

Happy Easter from the Essex Terminal Rail

I Would like to say to every model railroaderHappy Easter! I hope to post some photos soon of my Essex Terminal Railway from Brisbane Au.

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