It was posted on the internet that White River Productions has purchased Railroad Model Craftsman and also Railfan and Railroad and will resume at a future date (sooner than later) and will give all current subscribers their due issues.  They are the same publishers that publish NMRA Bulletin, NRHS magazine and 22 RR historical society magazines.  They are also the company that rescued Model Railroad News and brought it back.

Jim Scofield, Augusta, GA

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Good progress but halted


I setout today, as it was quite hot and muggy out to enjoy being outside, to get the foam board glued down. I took off the precut pieces and labeled them so I was not trying to figure out what went where later. I went to get the caulking adhesive I had bought and turns out I didn't quite read the label right. The two tubes I got were safe for foamboard but further reading the label which I didn't do good enough I guess at the big box store said it was good for foam to wood but not foam to foam.

The labor day weekend "push"....more progress


Last time I updated my progress on the Black n Blue, I was gently admonished by a fellow poster and hobbyist  because the stuff I was showing was in a more " finished" state and I didn't show more pictures of how I had arrive there.  So I'm making an effort this time to show a little more "in progress" work.  Most of what is shown here has been  being worked on, in one form or another, either the " imagineering"  or the actual work,  for the last couple of weeks.

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The cake is on the counter...


The yummy Allagash Lemon Cake is on the counter, and you know what that means...

...the BNML gets visitors today!

- Bill

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Helping Others Call out of Thanks


I would like to thank Bill Brillinger for helping me with the embedding of videos on MRH.  All of the ins and outs of this electronic age are a challenge.  They seam to change daily. What was good last week does not work this week.  This will improve my post for all of you.  Again thanks to Bill.


Coal Loader Part 3


So it's been a bit since I've had a chance to sit down and work on this. I did a bit today so here's a progress report.

Well last time I wasn't aware of what the meaning N/B/W was but glad trolleydrvr was able to help me out. So here's some pics of that detail installed.

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Nobscot Valley RR


Here is a picture of the track plan drawn in AnyRail. Below that are photos of the shelving and rough foamboard(not graded or glued down yet). Hopefully photos of roadbed and trackwork not far ahead. Still have about 10 turnouts to build but will update as progress is made,

The Benchwork

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Starting over... again!


Hi all.

I scrapped the revious layout and started again.

Pembroke: Building Mockups


Here I'll describe the mockup buildings as they come together.

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Grande Pacific Video Update


Thanks passed 600000 views. This is a video with trains update of recent work. Enjoy. Ops season is coming work slows down.

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