Just a taste to whet their interest


If you give a kid some sectional track, a power pack, an engine and some cars of course the first thing most of them will do is make a circle of track and see how fast the train will go. That’s the natural order of things.

My intention with the Inglenook was to disrupt the natural order enough so that the kids would sense that there’s something else going on.

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Forced Perspective


In a new series, Keith Hayes describes how he modeled a forced perspective scene on his layout. If you're interested, check it out on the C&Sn3 blog at:

Enjoy! Darel

Just an update on what I have been doing.


Well I have started my back drop and painting track. What a dramatic difference in the way the track looks. Really stunned by it. And I was also stunned at how well/smooth the back drop came out. Just followed the instructions from the books.


PS. That is primer on the back drop. It is no done.


It started with an Inglenook


I've toyed with the idea of building a working pike in my classroom since I started teaching about six years ago (I'm 58, I've had several other careers). A lot of it has been a selfish desire to increase my own opportunities to enjoy model railroading, so I've been cautious about making sure the academic value was appropriate. 

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Dallas & Western HO Model Railroad


A great railroad with more space than owner knows what to do with.  I am sure this will change over time.





A middle school model railroad


I'm a middle school math teacher. This last year I began to use model railroading as a vehicle for engaging my students with fun, interesting and educational activities that have vivid connections to meaningful real-world themes. 

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Cleveland Show




Here is a link from a FB group I am a member of.



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Westney Road bridge


Last week I made some progress on a key structure for the modules I'm building for TrainMasters TV. This concrete overpass will carry my mainline over a rural road.

Motor conversion


Hey guys!

I can't seem to find a lot of info about motor conversions....

My question is.

What size are the shafts on the athearn hex flywheels, for the life of me i cant find any info on the size, not even on athearns site. The motor i have is a Kato HM5 so that has a 2mm shaft.


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