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At this point

As of the end of the January 2014 MRH issue release period (just before the Feb issue was released), MRH had 111,111 unique website visits for the duration of that issue and 28,605 subscribers as of Feb 3rd, the day before the Feb issue released.

Comparing MRH to the other top magazines in the hobby we have:

Model Railroader:
131,981 total paid circulation; 97,940, total paid subscriptions

Railroad Model Craftsman:
41,177 total paid circulation; 21,973 total paid subscriptions

Model Railroad Hobbyist:
73,333 total unique audience "circulation equivalent*"; 28,605 subscribers

This makes MRH the #2 magazine in the hobby. Our "circulation" is 78% larger than RMC, and our subscriber base is 30% larger than RMC. MRH has 56% of the circulation of MR and 29% of the subscriptions of MR.

*Estimated circulation equivalent for our eZine is computed from Monthly unique device views for the January issue:
111,111 unique device views for January issue ...
Then factoring out the 34% of our readers who told us in the 2013 reader survey they read MRH on multiple devices, then gives us:

111.111 x 0.66 = 73,333 total unique audience ("circulation equivalent")

Joe Fugate
Publisher, Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine

Joe Fugate's HO Siskiyou Line

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Can you imagine

If RMC and MR were free? I wonder what the audience spread would be then.

By the way you only have 69.800 total unique audience. (grining, ducking & running) INCOMING!!!!


The New York, Vermont & Northern Railway   --  Route of the Black Diamonds

Keep up the good work

You can revise model railroader down by one. Their magazine is getting to be less and less valuable all the time. Feature after feature has left the subscribers option and become a video plus to buy. It is rapidly becoming a buy it twice or three times magazine. The print magazine is getting thinner and thinner routinely less than 100 pages. It was not that long ago it was routinely 150 to 200 pages and covered a great many more articles.

MRH by contrast has much more content, is in an easy to read format and has all of the back issues available. All this for free. In addition it has articles that actually seem to be written for folks wanting to learn how to do something new with a railroad. It typically covers a layout visit and informative articles about the Prototype.

The web site is much better and seems to attract more modelers with much higher skill levels than what I read about on their web site, maybe the guys just don't post on the other sites. MRH has become my favorite magazine, period. I may subscribe to RMC as one of our club members has friends there and the magazine seems to be a higher quality publication. I have found I am done with MR in a very short time and nearly never go back to any of the recent issues, most of the ones I reread are several years older and easier to spot by their thickness.

Keep up the good work Joe. One more thing you can share with your advertisers is that I do look for their ads in this magazine.

Rob in Texas

To add to Rob

I have to agree with Rob. I dropped MR a few years ago when i realized I was getting the same articles written over and over again just by a different author and taking place on a different RR. I thumb through MR at the library and it is very rare that I stop to actually read one.

RMC I have bought for a long time now and will continue to do so because it is aimed at the more advanced modeler and carries plans in it. Their ongoing scratch building series has been worth it's weight in gold as far as I am concerned.

MRH I learn something new everyday either from the mag or from the posts. It also seems that the model rr pics posted here have more detail added to the RR than what shows up on MR and yes I look at the adds too and that has added to my bookmarks.


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