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Those Dirty Little Elves

Yup, they did it to me again. Spammed my thread question on Taskboard ties strips as to whether they would warp if they got wet. angry

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Idea for an ALCO Yard Engine Kit Bash



Regards John ***********

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the ultimate scratchbuild

Apologies if this has been presented before:

Just another oval trackplan...


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El Toro del Destino: the Bull of Destiny!

Here is a tale more than 90 years old, yet its unsolved mystery remains to this day... 


Since I now have a respectable length (~60', N-scale) of mainline laid, including a runaround at the far end, I got the rolling stock out and started to run some trains. Which means I'm finding things like dodgy track work and this:

Double-stack won't clear mousehole

And that, children, is why your NMRA track and clearance gauge is your friend.


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Strangest place you ever worked on a model?

So where is the strangest place you ever worked on a model?  A few examples from me: 1. Hospital room on the cancer floor  2. Mother in law's house  3. High school classroom  4.  hotel room, papering it with old newspapers to get out your airbrush.  How about you?

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New Software & Hardware Announcement!

Watch for a unique new application from Buford & Elmo Fudpucker in the near future. Jiffy Johns Widget Works will also announce new innovative hardware to support the new application. Coming soon stay tuned.

Regards John **********************************

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eBay Entertainment

Go figure!  Same item-vastly different results!!

I don't understand why the second place bidder from the first auction didn't snap up the "bargain priced"  second listing? 

How do you spell shill bid??



LOGOs Heralds - share yours?

Share your "homemade" logo or herald. 

Looking for inspiration; whether yours is freelance, proto-freelance, alterations for "what-if" logos and heralds.

Please let us know what era and inspiration or story behind your RR.

I am working on a Rock Island / Conrail "what if". I have done a KCN (Kansas City Southern & Chicago Great Western merger) what if.  Pix to follow,



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