Container Crane

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 I thought I'd share a photo of a custom model I built for a customer. The client was a container crane operator and wanted an model for his office. The model below is in N Scale made from laser cut acrylic and photo-etched brass.


 If there is sufficient interest, I may offer this as a kit.



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So.... big is it? I'm thinking about what size it would be if that were an HO scale container and it's a bit staggering.

Oh... it's gorgeous, but you knew that already, right?  :)


Jeff Shultz

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Even though I model HO. What

Even though I model HO. What do you estimate kit pricing to be?

N Scale container crane

I would imagine that even in N-Scale it isn't exactly tiny. I might be interested in kit of this crane or at least some instructions on how to make one.


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I wouldn't really have a place for it on my layout, unfortunately, but that is really sweet.


HO Scale '70s/80s era

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What a beautiful model

What a beautiful model !!



Nick Biangel 

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That is a stunning model. I can vision a scene with several of these cranes unloading a container vessel, with all sorts of activity at/around the dock, such as truck traffic, container stacking/storage, and so on.

Thanks for sharing.

Rodger Cook



Rodger Cook - Sherwood, OR


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my words exactly

Jeff took the words out of my mouth.

Mark Pierce

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Container Crane Size

This model is N scale. It is 13 inches tall and 5 inches wide. The boom is 18 inches end to end.

It was a challenge to ship it to the customer. In spite of double boxing, honeycomb padding, bubble wrap and zip ties, and paying extra for fragile, the model was damaged slightly when it arrived at the buyer.   Luckily he was able to repair it.

I think a kit would cost about $150-200. but I haven't fully priced it. It depends on how a production model would be designed, i.e. how much brass vs acrylic.





Bernard Kempinski
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Brass for operational rigidity/durability

Bernie - that crane is truly a masterpiece!


Even though styrene would have been much easier for me to work with, I did my ore bridge in brass because I figured it would be the only thing strong enough to support the weight of an operating winch/trolley.  (Haven't quite perfected the mechanism yet, unfortunately...)

Ken Larsen

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Laser cut Acrylic

I have not seen laser cut acrylic talked about much. Seems like a nice way for a small company to make a plastic kit.. or to get around having to use plaster or resin for things like brick.


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