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Rumor - Centennial Airlines

There has been a rumor circulating for a while about Union Pacific starting a new heavy-haul freight service to minimize wear and tear on rails.


Just thought you might appreciate the challenge for modeling.


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Modeling Excellence - Miniaturization

Well now - can you model this small? In the eye of a needle?

I have painted molded figures in N scale somewhat well, but this person really "takes the cake". He sculpts AND paints - 1:5000 ? - 1:10000 ? molecular paint thickness ?


To see his work, visit his gallery:



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Miniature Wonderland Netherlands version - Madurodam

Just so I can compete with pipopak wink

I have mentioned this place in other areas, but I felt that it would be favorable to add it as a separate blog entry. I visited here in 1983 and, although quite large at that time, it has grown quite a bit since then. It is located on the outskirts of The Hague (Den Haag), toward the Northwest just a few miles (kilometers).

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RIP, Richard Steinheimer

Richard Steinheimer, well-known railroad photographer, especially of the steam to diesel transition era, has passed away.

Obit. in L.A. Times, 22 May 2011:



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Funicular Railways - More about Los Angeles Angels' Flight

In my earlier topic, "Funicular Railways - Out of Curiosity", a reply stated that Angel's Flight still existed in Los Angeles just off I-5 between San Fenando Valley and West Los Angeles. That did not sound quite right, since I had just a few months or so back looked up info on the web about it. Well, here is a little more info on it.

The railway was relocated, but only a short distance from the original spot. In relocating it, there was extensive modifications made to the original design, although the original cars retained there names: Sinai and Olivet.

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Funicular Railways - Out of Curiosity

Just wondering (my sister and brother-in-law were in the Pittsburg PA area awhile back and visited one) - has anyone you know of modeled a funicular ("funny peculiar" ? - no, it really is a term applied to inclined plane railways). The one they saw crosses over the Allegheny Mountains. Here is a link to one information rich page:


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One of my first structures ...

Hopefully not one of my last. This is a really detailed but small structure. The setting is in the more arid regions of Southern California (aw, come on, all of Southern California is arid, isn't it ?). This structure shows how harsh the desert or near-desert weather can age the buildings. This is out in the "boon docks", where not even the buffalo roam.

Laser etched detail, including the shingles, clapboard and red brick foundation (not).


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Aw, Shucks ! North Platte Rail Fest

Would've liked to have been there - oh well! Today, 19 September 2010 is the last day of the three day Rail Fest at the UP North Platte, Nebraska, yard - home of the Golden Spike Tower and the UP Bailey Yard.

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Adhesives terminology - ACC vs CA

I have some confusion about the use of the term "ACC" when used in a discussion or article about the use of a cyanoacrylate adhesive (CA). Where did the acronym ACC originate? It does not, IMHO, derive from cyanoacrylate. Is/Was it an acronym derived from a manufacturer of a cyanoacrylate product ? Perhaps I have not had the experience in the modeling arenas to have been exposed to this acronym. Is it a gel type formulation of CA ? Is it like the Slow Jet adhesive (as manufactured by Jet Glues ? (Not to be confused with Jet Blue )

Keep on trackin'


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