Just an update on what I have been doing.


Well I have started my back drop and painting track. What a dramatic difference in the way the track looks. Really stunned by it. And I was also stunned at how well/smooth the back drop came out. Just followed the instructions from the books.


PS. That is primer on the back drop. It is no done.


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Derailment in Saskatchewan - some interesting things to note...


There was a derailment in Saskatchewan yesterday, where 24 cars came of the track and
piled up in horrific ways.

Some interesting things to note in the photos from this event:
Times-Herald photos by Nathan Liewicki

Micron Art Manual Turnout Controls


Has anyone had "hands on" experience with the Micron Art Archimedean Turnout Control?  I'm in N Scale using Peco Streamline Code 80 turnouts.


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Laying the Last Piece of Track -Trenton Subdivision in N Scale


I have finally laid the last section of rail on my rebuilt N Scale -Trenton Subdivision.

To Mark this milestone, I decided to have some fun.

The Search for the Most Prototypical Track


After an exhaustive search. One that took me through Atlas, Peco, Micro Engineering, Fast Tracks, Proto87 Stores and so on I finally found some really prototypical track. I'll have to hand lay it, as all the finest tracks are. 


Experience with Iowa Scaled Engineering servos for switch points


I have installed some servo motors and control electronics purchased from Iowa Scaled Engineering for throwing the switch points.  The experience has been very positive, and I cannot say enough about the great support that these guys provide for their products.  They make it clear that the customer comes first.  Here is a summary of my experience:


Peco turnout motors


Maybe there's some ideas out there that you guys can help me out with. I bought a few Peco turnout motors with the extended drive pin, (PL-10E). Thinking that it would be long enough to mount underneath my bench work. With a mounting plate installed on a motor, the drive pin is only about an inch long. Over all with plywood, Styrofoam, cork road bed, and turnouts, (all installed), I need about an inch and three quarters. (1-3/4"). Can the drive pins be changed or added to? What else could be done? Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you.


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Passenger car with three trucks?


Yup you read that right, three trucks! I call it "Frankencar" and it is definitely the oddest car in the fleet.

Peco and Atlas Code 80


I'm designing another layout and have decided on using Peco turnouts with Atlas track, all code 80. First question: are they compatible? I was under the impression that all code 80 was compatible but just want to make sure. Also, after a disastrous attempt at trying to use Atlas remote turnouts, I've decided on manual ground throws for the Peco turnouts. What type of turnouts are compatible? Caboose makes several, but I'm confused on which ones to purchase.



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