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Update on BNML Layout Progress - Golden Spike!

Tonight, April 19, 2014, at 8:34pm, the Golden Spike was laid on the BNML. The last spike was appropriately located at the junction of all 3 railroads; the CP, CN/BNML, and the BNSF, at Noyes MN.

Ok, actually there are no spikes on my layout. Golden caulking? Maybe not.

Anyway... Progress has been made!

Photo shows the last section to be laid.

Yard ladder tracks

Many model railroad plans contain a yard or two.  In these yards are some pretty extensive ladder tracks. I know that a ladder track is composed of a lot of left and / or right turnouts in series; But that is not quite correct. If I use commercial turnouts the spacing will not look correct. Is there a template or blog or whatever for building a yard ladder network. I do have a Fast Tracks assembly fixture for an N scale  #5 turnout and a #6 double crossover.

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ATSF Paradigm Division - Staging Level Construction Update 1

Latest update on the construction of the N-scale ATSF Paradigm Division (see my previous April 2014 blog item to see the track plans). UPDATED with new pictures and video on 17 April.

The physical construction of the staging level, that is, supporting benchwork, roadbed (I use it even in staging yards) and track were completed on 16 December 2013.  

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ATSF Paradigm Division Track Plans

I thought that I had posted the track plans at one time but I guess that I had not since I could not find them on the blog. So here they are.

The overall size of the N-scale layout is 24' 11" x 15' 4".  Minimum aisle width is 36".  The layout is located in a dedicated outbuilding.

Upgrading yard tracks' appearance

Have a coloring question.   having to redo my old yard to upgrade it to proto standards

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Update on BNML Layout Progress - First Train Crosses the Border!

Here is an update on my progress on the BNML at Noyes MN...

This diagram shows the area covered in this update.

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Taskboard Tie Strips

Originally I posted a question on Taskboard because I had seen Michael Rose use it on his N scale layout. So I thought I'd give it a try for TT scale size strips. I had bought the Taskboard and had a local laser shop cut some test strips. When I posted this picture both in the TTnut forum and here members were saying that it would warp because it's made from card board.

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