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I want to paint the rails of the track on my layout to give the appearance of rust to be more realistic in appearance.  Since it is laid and I do not own an airbrush I will have to do by hand.  In speaking with one of my club members he mentioned seeing a demonstration using a sharpie style pen that contained paint.  Since I have not been able to find a suitable source I was hoping the following questions could be answered: 

1 - Has anyone heard of this technique? 

2 - What is the actual product information for this and where can you find?

Thanks to all who can help out with this.


Floquil Weathering Paint

Floquil Weathering Paint Pens.  One place doing a quick Google search. Sponsor here msu have them also:

Ah ha!... Dallas Model Works :

Marc Fournier, Quebec

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Bryan the hard part of coloring Rails is gone!!!

these pens work great on rails and don't stop there if you build Bridges or metal Buildings. If you want to weather the edges of coragated roofs or walls. They also make it easy to color some buildings and structures as well as applying rust on nut and bolt castings.

It looks like floquil is slowly adding new collors all the time as they have 9 colors in pens now and the floquil vender that comes into my neighbor hood Hobby shop said they were coming out with more color varietys soon.

One thing to remember = Keep the caps on tight when not being used they can dry fast.


Rio Grande Dan

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Byran this is what you need...


I have tried two methods for weathering my track, brush and "Floquil" pens.  And the floquil pens are much better and easier to use.  They provide great coverage, colour and easier to apply...

Photos below for you...



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Pens in Action


Jason's pictures tell 99% of the story but if you're curious I had great results in experiments using the rust color pens in an old blog post.





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paint markers

I sure wish we could get these markers in Canada.I have been experimenting with some markers i bought at the dollar store that are intended for furniture touch up.They seem to work.

Brian Clogg

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I've got them, Brian

Where did you get the impression you couldn't get them in Canada?  I've seen them in the LHS here, as well as in Edmonton.  Of course, I think I ordered mine from Dallas Model Works, but that's beside the point. 


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Another alternative

I recently found this web site:

There you can find this product:

Rusty Rails Painter

There is also a demo posted on YouTube:

Keep on trackin'



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Edit:  I just watched the Rusty Rail video that was posted above.  It looks like a good alternative.

I emailed Craig at Dallas Model Works the other day to see if he could ship the markers to me via USPS, which as you know, he can.  Also was wondering if he could ship Floquil paints via the same and he is looking into that for me.  I feel like I get a pretty good deal from Craig in the long run and the customer service is top shelf, IMO.  Beside that he helps pay for this great FREE resource, MRH!

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Rusty rails painter

 I've used the Rusty Rail Painter, after a bit of practise, it works well and is fast. Like in the video I wipe off the top of the rails straight after painting and run my heavy slider car over the track.

Mike Ruby

Thank You all

I have been away the last little bit so I will look at the videos and soon.  As for all the response this is great and I will look into the availabilty of the pens locally.



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