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SSRV has timed out for the current operation


Who is SSRV and why is he timing me?


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iPad test


Just checking to see if this is visible on an iPad.

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Helping Others Call out of Thanks


I would like to thank Bill Brillinger for helping me with the embedding of videos on MRH.  All of the ins and outs of this electronic age are a challenge.  They seam to change daily. What was good last week does not work this week.  This will improve my post for all of you.  Again thanks to Bill.


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Getting notifications


Is there a way for me to get notifications to a post I make or when a thread I want to follow gets a reply or is otherwise updated?



Rich text editor problems creating a new post?


Anyone experiencing intermittent issues with the rich text editor when opening a new topic?  It didn't happen to me this time but a moment ago when trying another new topic it would not let me type the body of the post until I switched to the plain text editor.  I had the "Body:*" show up but no input box below it (no icons, nothing).

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MRH Website Problem - posting video?


I can't figure out how to post a YouTube video, using the new editor interface, without it being displayed twice.

- Bill

Minor MRH site changes


I have noticed today that when reading threads from the recent posts, the new replies counter automatically marks the posting as read so when you return to the recent posts menu ( I use the back button or {backspace} ) that thread no longer shows new replies counter. Great improvement. I often loose track in the recent posts wondering if I read that one or not. Anyone else notice this great new feature?


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Minor MRH site upgrade testers


We have a minor upgrade to the MRH website that's ready to test and we'd like to have anyone who may be interested give it a try.

Just let us know if you're interested in testing and we'll send you the URL.

This upgrade includes several bug fixes, and the single biggest improvement is the WYSIWYG editor now works with tablets and smartphones ... yes, you get the full editor on your tablet/phone now!

Trouble typing in MRH now - cursor bouncing around


I'm having trouble typing on this website now.

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