Ops on Gary Siegal's L&N - MRH Movie Monday!


Ops on Gary Siegal's L&N masterpiece

Jeff Johnston of Pictures & Words Productions documents an op session on Gary Siegal's amazing HO scale L&N. Segment 2 is now available!

Featured Movie Monday video!

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Click to play the Gary Siegel video segment 1. (you may need to allow popups)Operations on Gary Siegal's L&N masterpiece - segment 1 (7:57) - Learn how trains run on Gary Siegals L&N. Gary has built a great layout that's been featured in several national publications. He has a passion for operation. See how this works while watching trains run through his lush Kentucky scenery!

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Click to play the Gary Siegel video segment 2. (you may need to allow popups)Operations on Gary Siegal's L&N masterpiece - segment 2 (9:27) - Continuing where segment 1 left off - running to Island Springs and to Kyles Ford. See the use of color coded waybills and track maps - plus switching industries and interchange tracks. And of course, more trains running through gorgeous Kentucky scenery!

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jarhead's picture


Wow ! Very impressive !  Not only a very nice layout but what a great team of operators ! That's what makes it.

Nick Biangel 

Very Interesting

THis is interesting but it doesn't go into to much detail on the various jobs that the railroad runs and why they are needed. Maybe that will appear in the following segments but it might be a good idea to have some sort of write-up that people could read before seeing the videos. These write-ups could give some background information and show the trackplan with the different jobs listed.


Very imressive looking layout

Another fine layout!  Just out of curiosity, what dose everyone use to veiw the Monday Movies with?  I'm using Wimpy FLV player and makes it a little grainy, especially when I make the picture size bigger than 4"x 4".


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I've found and I believe many

I've found and I believe many others are also using VLC Media Player it will play most everything on the net. Just Goggle or Yahoo "VLC Media player" its Freeware and easy to download and install. I just watched this video on a 46 in Vizio T.V. with sharp clean color using VLC Media player from my computer.

Rio Grande Dan

Rio Grande Dan's picture

I have 4 MDC Shay Loco's 1 HO

I have 4 MDC Shay Loco's 1 HO standard gauge 2 Truck and 2 HOn3 -2 truck and 1 HOn3 -3 Truck and have the Jeff Johnson Book plus the janurary & Feburary issues of MRC with the articals on building and up grading the MDC Shay by Jeff Johnson. so far I have only modified and built the 2 truck HO version and it runs like oil on glass. I Have all the upgrade gears and details to build the other 3. His Film work is great and can't wait to see the rest of Gary's  L&N series.



Rio Grande Dan

Thanks Dan

Just what I was looking for.  Worked great


Great videos again guys!!!!

Great videos again guys!!!!

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Wow, I cannot wait for the

Wow, I cannot wait for the next one!

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extreme layouts

Last night I watched the video on Gary Siegal's layout and I am still exhausted.  I have never run on a layout of this size and operating scheme and I probably never will.  With all the coordination and paper-pushing required - and a lounge for those waiting assignment! - running on this layout seems more like getting up and going to work in the morning.  All credit to those who do it - I have enjoyed male bonding model railroading with an HO modular group and can understand the pleasure resulting from team efforts.


Layouts like this rank with Indy 500 racecars and America's Cup yachts.  They are the extreme top-end of a hobby and not achievable by most people.  This does not mean they should be ignored or criticized - I am grateful that all these things exist and I enjoy seeing the videos and articles - there is much to be admired and learned there.

I offer some downsize reality.  Here is a layout that is small enough for one man to build and operate but it offers superb scenery and rolling stock, good operation fictions, and is a reasonable size for most homes.  More important - it is achievable for one man in his lifetime.


I also have seen this one in video only but I can imagine running this - unlike a Formula 1 racecar or an America's Cup yacht.  This is possible for my income, talent, and space. I am not criticizing MRH for featuring this video - it is valuable - but I urge the HRH creators to always have an eye out for excellent smaller layouts. 




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Hey, great smaller layout example ...

Hey, that's a great example of a smaller layout ... anybody know Mr. Stover? Could you talk to him about doing a layout article for MRH - complete with a video clip of the layout in operation?

Joe Fugate
Publisher, Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine

Joe Fugate's HO Siskiyou Line

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