Floquil Paint to Military Color Conversion Chart V1.2


Can't claim these colors are "dead ringers" an exact match but they should get you pretty close.

There will be 16 colors moving over to the Model Master Acrylic line from Polly Scale. They will be color matched to the Polly Scale line, but not guaranteed to be exact matches, as the formulations are different. They will be in 1/2 ounce bottles and retail for $3.69. They are all flat colors.
704 – 4873 Reefer White
704 – 4874 Aged White
704 – 4875 Aged Concrete
704 – 4876 Concrete
704 – 4877 Earth
704 – 4878 Depot Buff
704 – 4879 Reefer Yellow
704 – 4880 Caboose Red
704 – 4881 Boxcar Red
704 – 4882 Oxide Red
704 – 4883 Signal Green
704 – 4884 Roof Brown
704 – 4885 Railroad Tie Brown
704 – 4886 Reefer Gray
704 – 4887 Grimy Black
704 – 4888 Engine Black

Revell had a conversion chart put together by Testors. In there you will discover some Floquil colors matched to Model Master colors if you read from right to left. Very handy to have.


  Floquil Color New Man. Part # New Color Name Kind Sheen
  Dust VA 70.820 #4 Offwhite A  
  Rail Brown MM 2124 Russian Earth Brown E F
  Rail Brown (Lighter) MM 2098 RAL 7008 Khakibraun E F
  Primer MM 1730 Flat Gull Gray E F
  Engine Black MM 4888 Engine Black A F
  Engine Black MM 1747 Gloss Black E G
  Reefer White MM 4873 Reefer White A F
  Reefer White MM 2720 Classic White E G
  Reefer Grey MM 4886 Reefer Grey A F
  Reefer Grey TE 1233 Flat Light Aircraft Gray E F
  Grimy Black MM 4887 Grimy Black A F
  Grimy Black VA 70.924 #94 Russian Uniform WW2 A  
  Railroad Tie Brown MM 4885 Railroad Tie Brown A F
  Railroad Tie Brown HU 10 Service Brown E G
  Flat Clear MM 2015 Flat Clear L F
  Aged Concrete MM 4875 Aged Concrete A F
  Aged Concrete VA 70.976 #120 Buff A  
  Weathered Black XF 56 Metallic Grey A F
  Caboose Red 110020 MM 4880 Caboose Red A F
  Caboose Red 110020 MM 1705 Insignia Red E F
  Flesh VA 70.928 #6 Light Flesh A  
  Tuscan MM 1701 Military Brown E F
  Reefer Orange HU 18 Orange E G
  Reefer Yellow MM 4879 Reefer Yellow A F
  Reefer Yellow MM 28104 Chrysler Yellow E G
  Railbox Yellow MM 1708 Insignia Yellow E F
  Brunswick Green XF 63 German Grey A F
  Burlington Northern Green GS 66 Bright Green A F
  Dark Green MM 1710 Dark Green E F
  Light Green MM 1716 Pale Green E F
  Depot Olive XF 5 Flat Green A F
  Pullman Green HU 86 Matt Light Olive E F
  Coach Green XF 71 Cockpit Green A F
  Dark Blue TS 15 Blue A G
  Light Blue XF 18 Medium Blue A F
  Missouri Pacific Blue TE 1172 Flat Sea Blue E F
  Missouri Pacific Lighter Blue VA 70.961 #67 Sky Blue A F
  Missouri Pacific Grey HU 40 Pale Grey E G
  Great Northern Sky Blue MM 2715 French Blue E G
  Conrail Blue MM 2012 Cobalt Blue E F
  Signal Red 1 MM 2719 Italian Red E G
  Roof Brown MM 4884 Roof Brown A F
  Roof Brown (Orig) VA 70.941 #148 Burnt Umber A F
  Dust MM 2010 Sand Beige E F
  Rust MM 1785 Rust E F
  Boxcar Red MM 4881 Boxcar Red A F
  Boxcar Red XF 64 Red Brown A F
  Earth MM 4877 Earth A F
  Earth MM 1706 Sand E F
  Concrete MM 4876 Concrete A F
  Concrete MM 1726 Light Sea Gray E F
  Mud XF 57 Buff A F
  Foundation MM 1709 Radome Tan E F
  Antique White VA 70.918 #5 Ivory A  
  Grime MM 1733 Camouflage Gray E F
  Depot Buff MM 4878 Depot Buff A F
  Depot Buff HU 81 Matt Pale Yellow E F
  Caboose Red 110088 HU 133 Satin Brown E F
  Old Silver MM 2714 German Silver Metallic E M
  Bright Silver MM 1402 Stainless Steel E M
  Bright Gold HU 16 Gold E M
  Brass MM 1417 Brass E M
  Copper MM 2922 Champagne Gold E M
  Gun Metal TS 38 Gun Metal E G
  Graphite TS 40 Metallic Black E G
  Southern Pacific Lettering Grey MM 1729 Gloss Gull Gray E G
  Southern Pacific Lark Light Grey VA 70.884 #104 Stone Grey A  
  Southern Pacific Lark Dark Grey MM 1791 Navy Gloss Grey E G
  Southern Pacific Lark Dark Grey
Matches Athearn RTR SP Grey
MM 1788 Euro I Gray E F
  Union Pacific Armour Yellow TE 2118 Deep Yellow E G
  Southern Pacific Daylight Orange MM 2770 GO Mango E G
  Southern Pacific Daylight Red VA 70.910 #27 Orange Red A  
  Southern Pacific Scarlet Red MM 2733 Ford Engine Red E G
  Platinum Mist VA 70.883 #152 Silver Grey A  
  Union Pacific Armour Yellow(faded) HU 103 Matt Cream E F
  Union Pacific Harbour Mist Grey XF 20 Medium Grey A F
  PFE Light Orange GS 109 Character Yellow E F
  Southern Green MM 1764 European Green E F
  Southern Freight Car Brown HU 186 Brown E F
  Santa Fe Red TE 1150 Flat Red E F
  Santa Fe Blue MM 1719 Insignia Blue E F
  Santa Fe Yellow MM 2023 Blue Angels Yellow E F
  Santa Fe Mineral Brown MM 1785 Rust E F
  Reading Green HU 116 Matt US Dark Green E F
  Tuscan Red TE 1140 Brown E G
  Oxide Red MM 4882 Oxide Red A F
  Oxide Red MM 2009 British Crimson E F
  Canadian National Orange #11 VA 70.911 #22 Light Orange A  
  Canadian National Orange #11 MM 4629 Chevy Engine Red E G
  Canadian National Grey #17 XF 55 Deck Tan A F
  Canadian National Yellow #12 MM 1707 Chrome Yellow E G
  Canadian National Green #12 HU 1325 Green E  
  CNW Yellow MM 201 Cadmium Light Yellow E F
  CNW Green XF 70 Dark Green A F
  Wisc. Central Gold TE 1112 Light Yellow E F
  Wisc. Central Maroon
Milwaukee Road Maroon
MM 28112 Honduras Maroon E G
  TTX Yellow VA 70.949 #10 Light Yellow A  
  MKT Green GS 312 Green E F
  NYC/PC Green TE 4210 Verdigris A G
  CSX Grey TE 1226 Flat Dark Aircraft Gray E F
  CSX Blue VA 70.809 #54 Royal Blue A  
  CSX Black TE 1147 Black E G
  CSX Yellow MM 1707 Chrome Yellow E G
  SOO Line Red HU 1321 Red E  
  Zinc Chromate Primer MM 2003 Skin Tone Warm - Tint E F
  Aero Light Gray Primer MM 1728 Light Ghost Gray E F
  Aero Base Black Primer MM 1749 Flat Black E F
  Aero Base White Primer MM 1168 Flat White E F
  D&H Blue MM 2940 Racing Blue E G
  D&H Grey MM 1721 Medium Gray E F
  UPS Trailer Grey
ACFX Hopper Grey
MM 2077 Licht Grau RLM63 E F
  MILW Federal Yellow MM 2717 Bright Yellow E G
  Milwaukee Road Orange Pre 1973 TE 1127 Orange E G
  Milwaukee Road Orange Post 1973
Athearn D&RGW RTR Action Orange
X 6 Orange A G
  SSI-Itel Orange MM 4225 Coast Guard Orange A G
  Erie-Lackawanna Maroon TE 4225 Dark Red E G
  Erie-Lackawanna Grey
LMX Locomotive Grey
MM 1726 Light Sea Gray E F




Good start, very helpful!

But this solidifies my disdain for the loss of the previous paint lines. While there is a color match for, lets say, Railroad Tie Brown, the match is gloss instead of flat. Not so good for painting rail or ties unless you plan on adding a matte layer on top of it.

There are more matches

Point taken, and there are more matches available then what I have initially listed. It's best to match swatches of the actual paint to each other. I haven't done this yet. As more matches are discovered I'll do my best to update the list.



FLOQUIL Paint to Military Conversions


I am a huge fan of FLOQUIL and although I believe us Dinosaurs will have to look for alternatives to FLOQUIL as their Corporate Big Daddy RUST-OLEUM has made it so I don't believe that we shouldn't be vocal enough to have TESTOR take a look at perhaps the most popular colors and roll those into the Model Master line.  No Whining...

But you have to understand that as a member of the PRRT&HS Paint Committee we have found common ground with many of the FLOQUIL paint colors matched to some of our own historical paint records and the loss of FLOQUIL will mean that those matches will not exist.

I appreciate you quickie color matches of FLOQUIL vs all other military colors as there are likely some colors that are close although I would take issues with some perhaps many of your choices, i.e., British Crimson and Oxide Red are way off the scale... Might I suggest you do as you suggested in your reply to JodyG and match two samples independently on pieces of clear acetate about 2"x 2" and then do your comparison in broad daylight and report back as I believe you will be busy for a while and you'll come back with far less color matches. I recommend clear acetate because you get a color film that is not disrupted by a background color. If you fill you need to see what the color shift would do to the color on say a black background simply lay the color chip on a piece of black paper. This is how we did our research within the PRRT&HS. 


I did my homework...

Just to reassure you that I didn't just throw darts at color swatches, and "guess" these colors. I cross referenced online various photos, bottoms of bottles, color swatches, spoons painted by other modelers, recommendations of other modelers, and other conversion charts, to give you my best educated pick. Like I said in the beginning, it may not be a "dead ringer" but it's to get you close. How much further you are interested in going from there, is up to you. If you care to share an alternate color you chose against the list, I'd certainly invite that.

I recall from algebra having to give "proof" for my answers. Well, here's the proof of why I picked 2009 MM British Crimson to match Oxide Red. From the original chart Testors themselves prepared for Revell, Testors, (the company that produces Floquil and is privy to their own formulas and such) matched British Crimson to Oxide Red. http://downloads.hobbico.com/misc/rmx/TES_Revell_Paint_Match_Guide.pdf

This could mean that these colors were either the same when Testors owned Floquil, or perhaps they are (very possible) not checking their own stock? Who knows, there have been so many incarnations of the Floquil paint colors that one can't assume that your historically accurate colors are still the same color; it appears Testors might have thought differently.

I can not commit to testing each of these colors. I leave that up to the community to work that out. There was a lot of work and time (almost 2 weeks, hardly quick) put into this, by myself already. I felt my efforts were best delivered now, with "close" matches, then multiply all our experiences, moving forward. I just don't have the bandwidth (or financing) to test through the 100 Floquil colors and the innumerable vintages, all by myself. I can commit to testing colors for projects that I have worked on, which are, the SP colors, the ATSF colors, Railbox, The CN colors were suggested by a CN fan on another forum. While this is preliminary, it's a good start. If you dispute a color, I invite you to suggest an alternate.cool

Don't wait for me to match colors for you. If you have experience with color matching, and it appears you do Greg, please pitch in; check out the various military and game paints from Model Masters, Vallejo, Humbrol, Tamiya, and Gunze Sangyo. Let me know what you discover and I'll be happy to update it.

This chart is intended to be close only. Even if you make a perfect match to a proto paint swatch, you will still need to lighten it to compensate for indoor light. Then, you will need to adjust it to match to the proto equipment you are modeling; paint changes it's color as it ages. Color all around is a moving target, not just the Floquil paint line. There is no such thing as a "one size fits them all" scenario for color.

It's up to us now to pick up the pieces of Floquil.

Chris Palomarez


Mega Resource for Cross Reference Model Paint

Without entering the debate regarding Floquil's business decision, I found this exceptional resource for many brands of model paints.

Although Vallejo is best known in the plastic market, you should not dismiss this resource. They study and sample paint under lab conditions.

It's a big link and you may have to copy and paste to get it all.


Another paint company traveling at Warp is AK-Interactive. Superb paint and weathering products.


Their FAQ 2 Revised book is a superb look at model weathering.


Anyway, there you go.




What's the same as floquil and polly scale rust?

  I've probably used more of that over the years than any other color.Is it on that list somewhere and I'm just  missing it? ...DaveB

Ironhand_13's picture

Nice, BUT

I know my two LHS's don't have all these in-stock...maybe only 2-3 brands.

So that leaves the modeler little choice but to either order and wait, and hope they get the right color for their model or weathering, or go the 'cheap acrylic' route.

Still, a nice reference.

I'd like to see a reference that says 'mix 90% A and 10% B and you'll get C (the specific goal color).  Would involve allot of testing, I know,but it could help those with limited LHS's and not willing to wait a week or two for an order.


-Steve in Iowa City

For polly-s rust...

The testors/revell/floquil matching pdf, i have a link posted on top of the chart to it, lists polly-s rust to match to a model masters 1785 rust. Hope that helps.


How about making the final master equivalents list

an article in MRH, preferably as a downloadable item?


Added a few more colors

Added a few more colors for the Milwaukee Road, Erie Lackawanna, SSI-ITEL, UPS, and a few extras. Updated to Version 1.1

Happy Thurs everyone!

Chris Palomarez

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