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In the "Mar Model Railroad News" section, all kinds of new releases were mentioned, but I expected some news for S scale. Lionel released 12 of the new cylindrical hoppers and MTH released 4 steel rebuilt box cars and I saw no mention of them.  I'm used to not seeing much S if any, but this is a major oversight to me.




Roy Hoffman The S/Sn3 Scale Penn Western Railroad -

New lay out

Hi guys, my first post. I need some help please with my new layout. It will be in a double garage. Only problem is i need to leave room for the missus car. SO I will need to utilise an "Around the walls" shelf style system. I can make the shelves quite wide on the 2 vertical sides, up to 36". My biggest problem is i want a largeish yard, so i need to have a double deck layout so i stoill get a long mainline run. This creates difficulty though as i cant fit a helix in .. its to wide... remember i can only come out 36" from the wall maximum! But as i want 24" to separate the levels i cant seem to make the climb with out going over a 5% grade. Although it would be hidden. (Would 5% be OK on hidden track.  The whole idea is for a mountain railroad so ther will be multiple helpers etc.

Does any one know of any links to garage size layouts that might suit..


Thanks in advance.

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