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I find it hard to believe, that in this day and age there are no technical drawings of HO track components. I am trying to develop a track-plan, using AutoCAD 2006, for a contest that is being sponsered by Model Railroader magazine, and cannot find a single full size drawing of a left-hand #6 turnout.

The contest rules spell out that the track must contain commercially available turnouts, etc., and the only track component templates/drawings available are those from

I was thinking, maybe I could get someone to email me some scans of an assortment of track items.

I don't get out much anymore since I've been diagnosed with a paralyzed diaphragm that keeps me on Oxygen 24/7.

If any you guys can help me out, it would be appreciated immensley.  I could sure use the money.

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Guys, please help Mike if you can!


This is a simple request that Mike has, and if you would scan some different vendor turnouts and send them to Mike via email, that would help him greatly.

And in return, maybe we can convince Mike to post his scale diagrams for the benefit of the rest of us.

Do take this request seriously, and help if you can!

Joe Fugate
Publisher, Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine

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My first thought was 3rdPlanIt. They have a lot of track-components in their library. With a full version this program it is possible to export to files which autocad should read. I don't think the demoversion can do that. These turnouts have the basic dimensions, but the tieplacement will probably not be right, if you need that.

My second thought was the templates from the FastTracks site. They should be close enought for at least turnouts from Shinohara/Walthers, when those are cut down.

It is possible I can help you with a file of the turnout you want. If you can say what make of turnout, I can try to make a drawing in DXF format if that is what you need. I am not an expert with 3rdPlanIt and do not know AutoCad, but I have converted drawings, at least one of the ways before.

Maybe I can send it via Joe, he knows my e-mail.

AutoCAD Continues

I got this from Model Railroader: Mike:

Rule D says to use commercial turnouts.

Flextrack is not prohibited, so I don’t see why it couldn’t be used with the commercial turnouts. This means you’re not limited to the snap track curves.

I don’t know of a source for all the dimensions you’re demanding. In some cases, I photocopy sample switches to work out the design problems in my trackplans.

To be fair to all of the readers, I shouldn’t be providing any additional hints that aren’t available to everyone.


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I have a web site artisans-estimating and I can create PDF documents with my AutoCAD to make available anything I am able to put together.


I also tried to load a .dxf from RTS 8.0 into my AutoCAD with no luck. My email address is my screen name at

 I can also PDF MS Office docs too,


Take a look at my estimating package, it can well be adapted to model railroading

Thank You

Thank you Joe

3rdPlanIt demo


I have sent you an e-mail with a test of exported files from 3rdPlanIt to files you hopefully can open in AutoCad.

You might find it useful to download the demoversion of 3rdPlanIt. Although you can not save or export files, you can "draw" a turnout from the library, rightclick on it and click on properties. Then you can find information on the different turnouts like length, angle or number and radius.

Remember, you can always trim commercial turnouts to fit. That must be possible even in this contest. I do this all the time both in my drawings or on my actual layout.

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I was going to suggest 3rd PlanIT as well

3rd PlanIT has an inventory of commercial track available and organized by scale and then manufacturer in alpha-numeric order:

  1. Gm Scale
    1. LGB
    2. Micro Engineering
    3. Aristo G Brass
    4. Aristo G Steel
  2. HO Scale
    1. Atlas 100
    2. Atlas   83
    3. Bachmann EZ Track
    4. Bemo H0m Code 70
    5. Bemo H0m
    6. Bemo
    7. BK Enterprises
    8. Central Valley  70
    9. Central Valley  83
    10. Central Valley Imperial
    11. Central Valley Metric
    12. Fast Tracks HO complete
    13. Fast Tracks HO sectional
    14. Fleischmann Model track
    15. Fleischmann Profi track
    16. Kato Unitrack
    17. Märklin C
    18. Märklin K
    19. Märklin M
    20. Micro Engineering
    21. Peco 100
    22. Peco   75
    23. Peco 83
    24. Peco Setrack
    25. Piko A-track
    26. Pilz Elite
    27. Roco geoLINE
    28. RocoLine
    29. Shinohara 100
    30. Shinohara   70
    31. Shinohara HOn3
    32. Tillig H0m
    33. Trix Express H0
    34. Walthers   83
  3. N Scale
    1. Atlas55
    2. Atlas
    3. Fleischmann Piccolo
    4. JHM DB standard gauge
    5. Kato Unitrack
    6. Micro Engineering
    7. Minitrix
    8. Peco 55
    9. Peco 80
    10. Shinohara
  4. O Scale
    1. Atlas O
    2. GarGraves
    3. Lionel
    4. Old Pullman Code 100
    5. Old Pullman Code 125
    6. Old Pullman Code 148
  5. OO Scale
    1. Hornby
  6. S Scale
    1. Gilbert
    2. Shinohara Sn3
    3. Tomalco Sn3
  7. Z Scale
    1. Märklin
    2. Micro-Trains
    3. Peco Streamline

One more note here: I will be featuring 3rd PlanIT tutorials within the MRH magazine starting with the basics in Part 1 in the Premier issue in January.

Not sure why, but the ordered list here does not render well on this post!

Hope this helps you!



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We've got a CSS problem with lists in posts ...

I'll research the issue and get it fixed ...

Joe Fugate
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Try XtrkCAD too.. they have a

Try XtrkCAD too.. they have a huge library of track available. I dont do HO, but they had my Peco code 55 N track as well as the Atlas stuff and a number of the sectional track offerings.

I am not sure if they can be imported into Auto CAD or wether the base object file is particular to XtrkCAD.

There is also a Yahoo that has additional files available for download that individuals have made available.


Good luck!


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