Steel Mill pictures

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Had a few people ask me to post some over all shots of my steel mill. Here is a direct link to my pictures on Photobucket.



Steel Mill

Don: One of the best steel mill scenes I have seen! Great Work! I love your arrangement of the buildings.

        Yours, Elvin Howland/E. St.Louis Rail Group Layout

Looks great lot of detail

Looks great lot of detail

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Looks very busy and believable. Will take the time to visit your Photobucket albums to see much more.

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A little confused with track arrangements by blast furnace

It looks like the Huelet (Sp?)  unloader empties into hoppers but wouldn't it unload directly into the blast furnace behind it?  I have 3 of these kits that I plant to include in the Steel Mill, but I have no clue how to incorporate them into it yet.  Does the ore get unloaded into hoppers and then hoppers taken over someplace else to be dumped into holding areas for the Blast Furnace?  Any clarification and explanation would be very much appreciated.  Thanks. 

Ken L

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Love all the trackwork and the complexity of the structures. I imagine you could add details forever on this size of structure. Looking good Don!

Kevin Klettke CEO, Washington Northern Railroad

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Blast Furnace operations.

The way I plan on running the operations around the Hullet unloader and ore crane is, Iron ore will unload into the ore yard for storage by the ore cranes and when the iron ore is needed it will be load onto material cars then dumped into the blast furnace by these cars. The hullet unloader will unload coal from ships or barges into the wait hopper cars and then these cars will be shipped to the coke ovens and other parts of the plant that is powered by coal burning power plants.

Hope this helps to understand the operations.

Love it!

...and as someone with a steel mill in his own future: immensely valuable to see how other modellers are fitting together these massive structures and the tracks that serve them.


I like it, it really captures

I like it, it really captures the prototype look of track going everywhere at different levels.



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Thank you all for the

Thank you all for the compliments on the layout.


Donald Dunn

Hullett operations

Most Huletts were used to unload ships, except for a few that were used to unload barges (Republic Steel Calumet River Coke Plant, Chicago). The scoop or bucket is able to extend out over the hold of an ore boat (laker) get a "bite" and then slide back toward land, depositing the payload into a lorry care that hung under the platform. The lorry car could either deposit the load into waiting hoppers on the tracks running under the Hulett or go all the way to the end and place the payload into the ore yard. Typically there was a concrete wall keeping the stock pile in the ore yard from flowing onto the tracks the hulett ran on. They can move parallel to the dock and are not stationary. The ore yard bridge cranes would move it away from were the Huletts deposited it to the center of the stock pile to later be deposited in a transfer car for the trip to the furnaces.  Ore, coke and limestone had different areas in the stock yard. Here is a link to a YouTube of the huletts in action 


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