Broadway Limited "Paragon 2" GE AC6000

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Hey Guy's! Just got my 2 BLI Paragon 2 Southern Pacific GE AC6000's in today, SP #600 and #601. If any of you were interested in how these loco's were i can tell you this,,,"AWSOME!" lol....These babies have some of the best sounds I've heard yet, excellent low speed operation, alternating ditch lights and a horn that will make people comming down your street slow down and wonder when they installed railroad tracks in your neighborhood. Detail is near brass quality and probably the best loco's I've purchased so far, thats not saying much considering i'm still a noobie lol!  Been playing around with them for a little while tonight and just listening to the various cycles they go through while sitting at idle is amazing. I have an NCE pro Cab so i'm still tinkering with the CV's but figured I'd give a little feedback to anyone that mighta been interested in buying these, well worth the purchase in my oppinion. Here's the link if ya want to take a look at them... Take care and Happy Railroading!......Ricky'

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i have to agree with you these locos are great, i have 5 of the broadway limited paragon units and 1 Blueline.




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