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Anybody have any idea where to look for a Barnhart Loader in O scale?  I have only found HO and Large Scale.  Scratchbuilding the body wouldn't be too hard but getting the machinery inside close to right could be a problem.   Anybody out there have one they would like to sell? 


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Deerfield River Laser has one:


BTS has an O scale Barnhart loader as part of one of his kits.


Also, Car Works did one in brass if I recall correctly


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Thanks for the reply, Bob. 

Thanks for the reply, Bob.  The Deerfield "shell" could be the beginning of a scratch build.  I'm sure the winches, gears and other hardware could be reasonably modeled with existing parts.  The problem I have is I can't find any pics or drawings that show the layout of these parts.  Further investigation led me to NG&SGazette article on building one, but alas, they are sold out.  I wrote to the car works for info on the subject-no reply to date.  I suppose a Wiseman or backwoods minature kit could be incorporated (maybe) with the Deerfield Shell.  The rolling on flat car rails base shouldn't be too hard to scratchbuild.  Be rally sweet to find a brass one on eBay for $150!!!!



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Check libraries for Gazette issues. Inter-library loan still works in this digital age.

I always see Gazette's for sale on eBay, via booksellers, or at local shows.

Let people know which issue(s) you're looking for and maybe somebody will have them for sale.

If you do see a brass one for sale, you might want to grab it :-).

Winches, drums, machinery, etc. should be available from companies Western Scale Models or anyone who sells a donkey engine kit.

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Thanks Bobcatt, I have my

Thanks Bobcatt,

I have my eyes open and a few people looking for one.  Hey building our own would make a nice summer project (along with all the other projects!!!)



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All the Plans and Drawings can be found

Narrow Gauge and Short line Gazette had a 4 part complete with all you need to build a Barnhart Log Loader with all the scale drawings in 3/8" = 1 Foot for all the main parts for the Body Hoist, carriage and even more detail Drawings for the Hoist engine, Boiler all the gears,hand levers, pulleys, cable Drums you name it and it's in these 4 magazines written by Bob Hartford of Hartford Products that makes a model Kit in a scale of 1/2" = 1 foot

the months you need to find are:

part 1 Nov/Dec 1993

part 2 Jan/Feb 1994

part 3 Mar/Apr 1994

part 4 May/Jun 1994

if you wish to buy these issues you will need to contact     http://railpub.com/     I have his 2008 catalog in front of me as I write:

all issues are in stock Prices U.S dollars are:

Nov/Dec 1993 @ $6.00 ea.

Jan/Fed 1994 @ $6.00 ea.

Mar/Apr 1994 @ $4.00 ea. must have alot of this issue

May/Jun 1994 @ $6.00 ea

he has the best selection New and used out of date Railroad Books soft and hard bound, Magazines for both Models and real and has some where near 10,000 different titles and he buys and sells them.

I have these magazines myself and I love to scratch build trains and plan to build one of these Barnhart Log Loaders myself in HOn3 so I hope this helps you as much as it will me.

Rio Grande Dan

Thanks, Dan, that is really

Thanks, Dan, that is really great information.  I had checked w the gazzette and one other place and all were sold out. Thank you so much for taking the time to write.



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It always my pleasure to help another Model Railroader

I have all but 7 copies of "Narrow Gauge and short Line Gazette" and I have those on order.

I love Kit bashing, scratch building and just about everything there is to do in Model Railroading. I have 56 models book Marked that I will be building over the next few years and the Barnhart just happens to be one of them. I noticed the posts about the Gazette having what you were looking for so I went into my Railroad Library and looked in my notes as to which books have which articles and then got my latest copy and price list for Railpub and he had all 4 of the magazines you need. RAILPUB has one of the largest collections of Railroad literature for sale I've ever seen so Your very welcome and there was no thanks needed. one of these days I'm going to photograph all the HO structures I have built and post them. almost every structure I have built I start out with just a single photo of and old building or structure and redraw it to HO Scale but when I can find multiple drawings or plans for a Car,engine, or Structure I save them put them in my need to build notebook & when I have the time I try my best to build it so it looks like the real thing. Then when I see someone wanting to try to build a model to scale I like to help them if there is any possible way. So once you build it make sure you post a Photo for us to see.or maybe so us step by step what and how you did it and submit it to MRH as an artical they may even pay you and put the artical in the  Magazine.

Rio Grande Dan

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