Wolfgang Dudler

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It has been reported on a Yahoo group that Wolfgang Dudler has passed away. I can't verify this personally.

He was an MRH author and I admired his work.

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I'm greatly sorry to hear that

I'm greatly sorry to hear that, I very much admired his modeling and his willingness share.

Thanks for letting us know.

HO, early transition era www.garbo.org/MRR local time GMT +4
On30, circa 1900    


He will be throughly missed

Sorry to hear about it.  I really enjoyed reading everything he put out. He was an outstanding modeler and a friend to anyone who asked.  I saw on the MR forum that Crandell was a friend and posted some updates. 

I hope someone continues his personal website


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So sad...

What  a loss, both for his family and friends and the world wide model railroading community.  My condolences on his passing.


Appreciating Modeling In All Scales!

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Great Modeler

MMR 452. I really enjoyed your work. Thank you for sharing, I hope you got as much out of Model Railroading as you've given us.


Phenomenal gentleman...

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So sad

to hear that news.  Wolfgang's posts were something I always enjoyed reading and viewing his videos.  Tremendous modeler.  Condolences to his friends and family.


HO Scale '70s/80s era

Read in current MRH

Just read in MRH of Wolfgang's passing....Bummer.....He left a positive impression on me...Through correspondence, web pages, fremo/Free-mo, modeling, ....


Dave K.

Cincinnati, OH

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First inspiration

Before I got into model railroading I looked around the net to see what was going on, and quickly found Wolfgang's website.  Then I found out how to make the site into English....lol. I have to say I repeatedly go back to it for ideas and inspiration, as well as his 'how-to's' which explains things easily to reproduce for any novice modeler.  As a person just starting out he certainly showed me what's possible in this hobby.

Wonder if his site will stay up??

-Steve in Iowa City

I saw this shocked and really unhappy...

When I started to do research about how I wanted to build my layout, his site is one of the reasons I decided to build my own turn outs. Further, his site is the reason I went with CVT for my yard and sidings. His site has a large amount of information for all of us. I wrote an email sending condolences and pleading for his site to remain up.

I saw his posts hear and other places, and he even took the time to respond to one of my emails. I am sure he got many. I never met him. But through his work I felt I knew him. And I feel like I have lost someone. I wonder if he knew what an influence he was to people all over the world. If there is an afterlife, I hope he has found peace and is getting to share his train knowledge in the great railroad in the sky. RIP

Jim Lowery

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wolfgang dudler

It is so sad to hear about his passing.My deepest condolences goes to his family.
I was at FREMO meet in Milevsko Czech Rep. when friend told me about his death.I was looking forward to see him in person.His articles in FREMO Hp1 modellbahn were so inspiring for me.
Our model railroad community lost a very nice man and excellent modeler.
Have your trip to modelers haven as nice as you were...
Ivan Stasa
moderator Free-Mo USA
member 024 www.zababov.cz
member FREMO H0-USA 0420017


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