Tom Johnson's Logansport and Indiana Northern, a part of INRAIL.


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I like it!!!

Great photo.  Great details and clutter.


Dennis Austin located in NW Louisiana

The Corkscrew to Morenci, Arizona. Looping the loops!

I'm not sure what I'm doing

I'm not sure what I'm doing though.  I don't see the comment I made.  And, how do I add more photos?  Do I use REPLY or click on something else.  Thanks!

What is "switch to plain text editor" and  "Imput Format?"  

Text editor

When I post from my HTC phone I have to switch to plain text editor or my carriage returns will not be applied and all the text gets bunched up.

Do a "Post New comment" at the bottom of the post and look along the set of tools on the same line as Source.  Go over to the third set.  You see the icon that looks like a photo?  The one next to it looks like a film strip.  Click on the photo icon to the left of the film strip icon.


Dennis Austin located in NW Louisiana

The Corkscrew to Morenci, Arizona. Looping the loops!

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What to do

It appears that your photo covered your comment. Type your comment and then hit enter to move the cursor down. You can then insert your photo without it covering up your text. I usually hit enter numerous times when I intend to insert pictures because it gives me a bigger "page" to work with. Probably not the most computer literate way to do it, but it works.

And I'd recognize those soda machines anywhere. Beautiful work, Tom.

Tom Patterson

Modeling the free-lanced Chesapeake, Wheeling & Erie Railroad, Summer 1976   


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Signs Make the Scean

Outstanding, Please more pictures.  We have discussed signs in the past but this is a great example of how powerful they are. 

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A close up of Jones' Grocery

Looking down Olson road passing Jones' Grocery

Here is Olson Road that passes by Jones' Grocery.  

Posting text with photo.

By George I think I got it now. :o)

Bruce Lake Station, Indiana

Here is the backside and side view of Bruce Lake Grocery and the front and side view of Thomas Hardware.  Farm Bureau Coop in is the background.  

County Road 650 South

Here is county road 650 South crossing the Logansport and Indiana Northern railroad and an old abandoned siding where a very old former PRR gon has a permanent home.  It's used to store RR related junk.  The trees are growing over the gon and the wheels and trucks are all rusted up to show it hasn't been moved in quite some time.  Tom Johnson 


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