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I recently made this track geometry unit to help me align my N scale code 55 track. I thought other people may be interested in it also as it works very well. I took an N scale truck and glued a nail through the bolster hole using CA glue. I then cut the nail shorter and drilled a hole (part way) in the circular level and made sure it fit on the nail with a snug fit.

I have had the circular level for many years, so I don't know where I got it. I have added the plastic bumpers to the trucks so I can push it with a loco. Since I have used it on my track I have had zero derailments. I place the unit on a known flat surface to calibrate the level. That is why I didn't glue it in place.


Really nice!

I would fit it with couplers, because on a grade will run away from the loco.


Long life to Linux The Great!

Very neat idea

Proto:87'ers will love you for this!


That's innovation!  Neat

That's innovation!  Neat little geo car


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Layout Street View

Slick idea! Just make sure it isn't listening in on wi-fi networks along the right-of-way. cheeky



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