Norfolk Southern Heritage Units - HO Scale?

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Hi Everyone,
I did a bit a search but couldn't find anything - does anyone know of any options to buy the HO Scale versions of Norfolk Southern's Heritage units? I know Atlas is making some, but they'll easily run $200-$300 per loco (AUD) which will mean it'll take a long time to collect them all

I'm not really picky about them being super detailed.

Anyone know of any alternatives? or an easy 'good value' way of doing it?

Thanks in advance


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$200 - $300 is cheap!


The Overland Models run up near the $1000 mark!  So if Atlas, Athearn or MTH do them and they are around $200 - $300 that actually is a reasonable price for DCC, Sound and nice detailing.

The Reading Lines unit (NS #1067) SD70ACe is scheduled for 2013 and is listed at $1065.00.


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Only $300?

Given that NS has tried (in most cases) to remain faithful to the original paint schemes, and given that all of them are popular enough to have HO scale decals available (I think), it should be easy enough to paint your own.

Of course, good luck finding either model (undecorated or otherwise) for under $200.  So, if you can get them RTR, you might as well do it and save yourself the trouble.  Personally, I think that the prices for models these days are astronomical, but that's why I started building my own.

Ken Rickman

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