Worlds Smallest Production Train set smaller than Z called "T" Scale

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While looking for an article I saw a while back about the worlds smallest Train in commercial production I saw the following it's 1:450 Scale "T" scale. It is to "Z" scale what HO is to "O"  1/2 the size of "Z". you can hold the whole city of New York in your hands and watch trains run 

The trains run on real tracks not in a slot or on a single rail like other small railroads do.



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Funny, when you mentioned T Gauge

I was going to refer you to David's website . . .

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Why I guess?

Not sure why one would want something that small.  It's interesting if nothing else. I suppose one could model a lot in a very small space but better have a good magnifying glass to go along with it.

Nelson Beaudry

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Just imagine.........

.......... an operating session brought to a sudden halt because everybody has to go to the floor on all fours looking for a misplaced 50' hi cube.....


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The Train ride in the park

It used to be you could build an HO scale layout with a small park that had an "N" train ride.

Now you can build a "N" Scale park scene with the new TY scale RR kids ride in the park.


Rio Grande Dan

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Another T scale source

I came across this over a year ago. T scale is 1:450. A scale of 1:900? - that is really hard to believe.

So here is the source I had:

Trainaidsa also have some of the smallest screws I've seen at good bulk prices.


Bill D.

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Keep on trackin'



T scale from down under

Here's a blog about a layout under construction in Victoria, modelling the Victorian Railways


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