Placed Roadbed for the Loveland Yard


Today I placed the cork roadbed under the tracks in the Loveland Yard. It looks pretty good and yes it did quiet down the noise when running trains on it. I also removed those ugly switch machines on the two Atlas turnouts that had them.



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Never heard a quiet train

When you Ballest the track the glue drys you are right back to where you were. Their have been a couple of articles by sound engineers that have made studies it does not make any difference what you do, all test of types of road bed came back within 2 desmils. So sand the cork edges and make the road bed look good. pictures are good.

Placed Roadbed

I have solved the problem with noise, I have just had the first dry run of my first layout in 20 years (Retired and back into the hobby) and as I watched the Loco go round watching for faults with my layout I realised how silent this layout is compared to my old ones of years gone by.  Then remembered I hadn't put my hearing aids in this morning.  devil


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