Athearn's new Genesis Model - it's a GP38-2 (Video's up)


Athearn introduced it's new Genesis locomotive at the Amherst Railway Club's huge show in West Springfield, MA.

A GP38-2, it includes railroad specific details, including wide and narrow spaced radiator fans, a Canadian National Safety Cab, oil bath filter, split radiator grills, ditch lights (CN), snow shields on the air intakes, and different blower sizes. 

The first four models are Southern Pacific (L-window), MoPac, CN (Safety cab), and Southern (High Hood). 

Delivery is expected in late 2012, price was not specified.


Okay - the video is not of the highest quality. I shot it with my Canon T3 in front of a large crowd. Big Al Mayo was videotaping as well right beside me. That's who I'm talking to a minute or so into the video. 


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Southern Pacific

Note: Most of the photos will appear lighter than reality - I used the flash to help pick out the details.

Details include the SP Light package, the L-shaped front window and various roof details.

Jeff Shultz

MRH Technical Assistant


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Again, flash is in use:

Details include the high-nose and wide spaced radiator fans.


Jeff Shultz

MRH Technical Assistant


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Canadian National

Details include the Canadian Safety Cab, Small Blower hump, front mounted bell, and snow shields over the air intakes.

Jeff Shultz

MRH Technical Assistant


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Details include "chicken screen" radiator grill - note, on a couple of these photos the flash really washed out the Jenks Blue - one of the side shots is sans flash for that reason.

Jeff Shultz

MRH Technical Assistant


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Thanks for the great photos. 

Thanks for the great photos.  Looks like an amazing model.  Can't wait to see future releases, not much use for those schemes in my operating plans.


P.S.  Jeff, I saw you taking those photos, in the photo Railroad Model Craftsman posted to facebook!

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Nice job, Jeff!

That's some great "johny on the spot" news reporting, Jeff! Bravo!

Joe Fugate
Publisher, Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine

Joe Fugate's HO Siskiyou Line

About time....

It's about time someone is doing what looks like a dimensionally correct GP38-2. The P2K one has issues and the Atlas/Trainman one is a disaster.

I see a couple of SP ones in my future...and possibly an SOU one.


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More photos

SP Front: 

SP Top:

CN Top:

MoPac Top:

Jeff Shultz

MRH Technical Assistant


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Thanks Jeff

Will they come with sound?

I'm sure they will, Art.

The Genesis is Athearn's premier line so all of the engines that they offer in the Genesis line for the past few years have been available either dcc ready or sound equiped dcc.

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