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I would like to start a club for people like me who don't have a lot of space to work that would love to joint venture on a lease of a small building to use for a model rail club are there any such friends in my area  if so please contact me at  Joe


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Still looking?

Still looking for members?

Joe Fugate
Publisher, Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine

Joe Fugate's HO Siskiyou Line

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Baltimore / Maryland Railroad clubs

I know this thread is old, but I'd like to point out there are several clubs in the Baltimore Metro area.  I belong to one, The Baltimore Society of Model Engineers (BSME), we are the oldest and have the largest permanent layouts in the area.  We have two 12x65 foot layouts in HO and O scale, as well members enjoy access to an extensive library with books, videos, and model magazines.  Our layouts are located at 225 W. Saratoga St (3rd floor walk-up), Baltimore, MD 21201, 3 blocks north of the 1st Mariner Area.

In addition to the layouts and library we have static model displays; and a bell, whistle, builders' plate and headlight from a Pennsylvania Railroad K-4 steam locomotive; railroad heralds on 4x4 boards; and publicity photos from equipment manufacturers.

The HO layout is a Class I double track mainline operation modeling a mid-atlantic route westward towards Ohio. The HO layout also has trolley system in the major metropolitan city and an interurban system that connects the city with a coal mining town. We don't model Baltimore per se, so we can be more freelance, but do include Baltimore landmarks.

The O scale layout is a single track operation set in the late steam early diesel era with rolling countryside.  The railroad interchanges freight and passengers with the trolley system. The trolley system runs the 65' length of the layout connecting the urban town with a coal mine town on the opposite end of the layout.

If you visit the NMRA club list at:, you will see others. I know the Gaithersburg Model Railroad Society and Maryland Central Model Railroad Club, merged to form the Rockville Model Railroad Society, but don't know the current status of the organization.

- Jim B.
Baltimore Society of Model Engineers

I highly recommend BSME

Having been a member when I lived in Baltimore, I highly recommend BSME!

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