Redneck Flower Planter, or subtitled "I never promised you a rose garden"

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Well, when Buck & Loretta's old toilet busted Buck was going to throw it out when Loretta said "Honeybunch, ain't it a waste to throw away such a nice ole' toilet as it's got a lotta of good memories".  Buck put on his thinkin' cap (the camo one) and came up with a brilliant idea - a beautiful front yard planter!  He hauled the toilet out front of his trailer house and Loretta did the planting of some purretee pink roses!

It's sattn' purretee out front!


Buck had drunk a few beers when he took this here picture so it being a little fuzzy - just like Buck!  Loretta and Buck like their new planter so much they he is thinking about seeing if he can find some more old toilets!  Loretta ain't so sure and wants to make sure ole' Buck don't get mixed up when he's been drinkin and use this here toilet out front instead of the one in the trailer house.  Oh, and one of these days Buck is a planning on puttin on a roof on their house!



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I could be related to Buck...

I guess, so could Loretta.

Readin' that thar story felt like bein' back home fer a minute! laugh

Tell Buck he'd better git sum tares for up on that thar roof when he puts it up. Big wind come down the holler will blow it clean off if'n he don't.


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Buck says "you're welcome" Don


I passed your thanks along to Buck and he said: "Ah shucks - ain't hardly nothin - jus usin my brane that God give me".

I think ole' Buck said something about having a friend down around Bear Creek!



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You could be related!  I know that Buck met his wife Loretta at a family reunion.  When he saw her he said: "Ain't she purrteer than a new born colt under a red wagon!".  They both liked the same beer so it was love at first sight....but then Loretta's site ain't to good:  she's blind in one eye and can't hardly see out of the other.

Buck says thanks on the suggestions on the roof!



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How classy

I used to have some neighbors with a "planter" like that.  Close to my current neighborhood is a plumbing place that until recently had one too.

Throw in a blue tick hound on the porch, and a Camaro/Firebird* on blocks, and you'd really have something.

*Substitute as appropriate based on era.

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Reminds me of the neighborhood

Just down the street from us...


and that's only about 1/2 their front yard. 

That's why you have homeowner's associations and covenants.


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...somehow I prefer toilets

...somehow I prefer toilets in the front yard to either one... :P

I say...

I say to heck with homeowner's associations. Besides, the local government could do something about the toilets if they really wanted to. Besides, the toilets are probably one of them short term gimmicks that catch everyone's attention. I remember during the 80s that one of the big things were planters made out of used tires and a rim, shaped into a flower of sorts.

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I say that there's a place for both - Homeowners Associations, and places that that don't have HOAs.  This way you can make your own choice and live where you want.  If you like toilets in front yards, house painted purple with pink and yellow stripes and tractor trailer trucks in your neighborhood, then choose a place without HOAs.  If you don't like any of these items, then choose a neighborhood with HOAs that forbid such things.  if you live in the USA, then it's about the freedom to do, or not do as you wish - as long as you follow the laws & regulations.  Same's true about model railroads!



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From what people tell me, they first put one toilet out front as a planter.  A neighbor complained and things escalated from there.

George Booth
Director of Everything, The New Great Western Railway


.......... she actually got the rose garden!.


Long life to Linux The Great!

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