Bridge Design with drawings

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Working away on my lift bridge - lighthouse combo project and decided that I wanted to handlay track on the bridge rather than use the solid deck that came with in the box.  Pretty sure that railway lift bridges did not have their track on a solid surface. 

Anyway stumbled on this site: 

From of all places military information for global security.  Who would have thunk it.

Anyway got a great drawing of a cross section of a rail bridge with dimensions.  Lots of stuff that would be helpful to anyone building a bridge. 

Will post some pics of my bridge project as it progresses. 

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Bridge deck

Have you looked at the bridge crosstie materials from Central Valley and Micro-Engineering? The moveable-span bridges I'm familiar with here in Oreo-gon have oversized wood ties atop a steel girder structure.

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Bridge Decks

From that web site and from photo's of rail bridges I can see that oversized ties will be the way to go, along with a guard rail in the centre.  I have some Fastrack rail and ties that I will use for this (it will be my first crack at Fastrack's rail and tie system). 

The bridge I am building has both a rail and a road on one lift bridge.  I have some protophoto's of Jacknife bridge over the Weland Canal - in the same area I model (THB). 

The road side of the bridge has an open grid deck.  I've driven over a few of these - the wheels sure sound funny crossing over these bridges.  Anyway I want to model an open grid road deck.  At first I thought I'd use household screen - cut off a hunk and tried it - no go.  I used the metal kind (and have the slivers to prove it).  There is a nylon screen that may be finer.  I'll also look at tent screen - it may be finer still.   

Any other suggestions for the road deck?

I could go wood (probably not suited to a lift bridge set in 1967) or use styrene and "pave" it.  But I'd like to look through the bridge to the grid work under it.  But I suppose one sees the grid when the bridge is up.


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You might check out Plano.

They make various designs of extruded screen for model railroad hopper walkways as well as diesel grilles.  They might have something that is perfect for your roadway.

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