BLMA 64' Trinity Reefer - new photos

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Craig Martyn posted a photo of the HO and N Scale test shots of one of BLMA's next freight cars - the 64' Trinity Refrigerated Boxcar - over at the BLMA page on Facebook a couple of days ago. So I asked him if he had any additional photos of the reefers that I could post here - and he did.

The prototype 64' (inside length) Trinity Reefer was introduced in 2003, although the specific prototype for this model came out in 2005. The model features Kadee #158 extended shank couplers (HO) and Micro-Trains body mount couplers (N), fine scale wheels in both HO and N Scale, and 24 road numbers in the prototype's Union Pacifc ARMN reporting mark - enough for a respectable length unit train. At $24.95 for the N Scale model and $29.95 for the HO Scale model, these cars are scheduled to be here in the 2nd quarter of 2011. More information and a downloadable flyer can be found at the BLMA Website.

Photos link to full size photos on my home website.

Additionally, you can see a video of the cars in action at Railex in Delano, CA here:


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Nice to see a mfr take on a

Nice to see a mfr take on a completely new project to fill a gap in contemporary offerings.

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Way to go, Craig and Jeff

Thanks, Craig, for the video on your website.  Great report.  And thanks, Jeff, for forwarding it to us.  I've seen those same rail cars here in So. Cal., in Ventura County.  Anywhere you have major argicultural produce or fruit handling, you'll probably find these rail cars.

And don't forget the refrigerated warehouses.  I've been in the ones in Ventura County, and you really need the coats.  The temperature outside may be 100° or more, but inside could be 39-55° for citrus or fresh produce, down to -20° for strawberries.  So, you'll need the refrigeration equipment rooms and cooling towers. Like this:



Rincon Pacific Rwy, 1960.  HO scale std. gauge - interchange with SP.


I saw Craig at the Western Prototype Modelers meet in San Berdoo

He had a pic of the Trinity car, but no models to show yet.  I used to work for Carrier-Transicold on those refrigeration units, but not on those specific railcars.  Craig asked me if I thought there would be a market for the Reefer unit as a detail part, and I thought there would be.  I'm going to contact him to let him know that he "nailed" the Carrier unit.  This is the first pic I've seen of the refrigeration unit end of the car and with the top view being the way we usually view models on most layouts, that is the most accurate "roof shot" I've ever seen on any model refrigeration unit!

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florida jucie train

This is awesome I'm starting to work on the juice train from south Florida. This is perfect now I can run a unit train. I just saw these 2 days ago in Jacksonville.

Thank You guys



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