Hide Helix with Structures?

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Is it possible to hide a 2 turn helix with structures? I would like to avoid the "helix in a mountain" route. Can someone give me guidance on how this is done specifically the entry and exit points? Pictures would be super.

Thank you.

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Wall it off?

I suppose with large enough buildings (maybe a steel mill or large industrial complex) you could hide the helix, but have you thought of simply having the entrance and exit disguised by buildings and putting the rest of the helix behind a backdrop to make it effectively in another room?

One thing you need to make sure you do is to maintain access to the inside of the helix - due to their nature you will have problems in there every so often.

Jeff Shultz

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Switching area

I have a friend who put am industrial switching area on top of the helix, including two legs of a wye. Its not really the same thing as you are talking about but it does kind of distract one from the thing. The large space in the middle was perfect for a large mill building.



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Go with a backdrop

Like Jeff, I believe a backdrop is the way to go.

Mark Pierce

I'll agree with Jeff and Mark.

The advantage of putting a backdrop in front of the helix with just the entrance and exit showing is that the helix can be left completely open for easy access.

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