Looking for plans for a shelf layout


I'm looking for advice and/or plans for a shelf/switching layout.  The fixed parameters are: HO, standard gauge, 9 feet by 18 inches, at least one connection to 'the outside world' one one end.  The rest is flexible, though I'm thinking the time period is somewhere between 1920 and 1960.  The idea is to have a layout that can be run standalone or be attached to an existing layout or another unit.  

One concept I have been toying with is that this is the end of the line.  There would be some small to moderate-sized businesses and some kind of railway maintenance facilities - repair shed, water tower (abandoned, depending on era), etc.  Maybe some passenger facilities, but pretty minimal (though a cut above the Klamath Falls station in southern Oregon...).

Alternatively, the mainline passes through and while the businesses would be the same, there might be little or no railroad servicing features.  Tim Warris' Port Kelsey comes to mind (the 2 x 10 layout).

I have a couple of plans that I found online but I cannot remember where I found them.  Someone may be able to help me identify them.  I'll post them when I figure out how...




Re: Tenderfoot Industrial Railroad (TIRR)

 Thanks for the link!  Not only is it a neat design, but there is enough additional information to 'make it work'.

Some designs I have found or been led to...

The Tenderfoot Industrial


A version of Tim Warris' Port Kelsey

One I cannot identify....


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Your looking for a possible

Your looking for a possible Short line end of track layout. Have you ever considered your dead end to be at a Fishing village and dock located on The east coast New England or west coast Washington Oregon or up into Canada. there are a lot of coastal Branch RR that both end at small fishing Docks at one end and that connect to the Major railroads at the other.

You could have a switching pike with a couple small engines working the dack and them have a tie into The CN or SP mainlines.


Rio Grande Dan

RE: Fishing village -- I like it

I had not thought of that, but it fits in with the general feel that I want.  The Port Kelsey idea is more... upscale... I guess I would say - town or city rather than 'village'.  I like village.  I worked at a small processing plant in Alaska many years ago, serviced by trucks.  We flash-froze the salmon, boxed them up and sent them out.  Not a lot of variety in the transport realm -- a truck load or two of flattened boxes in at the beginning of the season and then full boxes out until the season closed.  We might have had fuel for the boats and may have supplied ice as well.  What else could you reasonably ship in/out?  On the northwest coast, maybe logs out to a distant mill?

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