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Scenic Express sells dyes for tinting envirotex and when the time comes to put water on a layout I'll happily order some, but is there anything else that can be used to tint envirotex with good results?  I only ask becasue I'd like to try some things with water on the diorama I built without having to buy the dye today.



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Yes, I believe that people use a little solvent paint like floquil. Double check that.. maybe in Dave Frary's book? I may be misremembering what is used.. but you can definitely tint without using specialty product.


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Thanks for the tip Chris.

Dave Frary's book is one of the ones I have heard great things about but I don't have it yet.

I wonder if it has to be solvent paint or if an acrylic would work?  I guess I can always find out by trying them myself...

Any other thoughts folks?

Kevin, you will need to use

Kevin, you will need to use solvent based paints or dies, and use it very sparingly. Less is more. I personally have been using gloss medium or podging, which is water based and is easily brushed on.

And yes, get the book by Dave Frary, you will never buy oil paints again, and the processes are totally repeatable taking guess work out of formulas.


Coloring water

I painted the surface of my lakes, rivers and streams first with acrylics and then poured the Envirotex over it. That way I could get the color I wanted before pouring the Envirotex. The Envirotex is clear and my water has lasted over ten years without yellowing. The color is the same as day I first poured it. Just my 2 cents.





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