#6 turn out problems

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i have built a #6 turnout, DCC is working i have 2 switches connected together at short switch sides but as soon as locomotive contacts frog a short happens, I think I know whats causing this but just want to be sure. any help would be greatly appreciated

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What do you think is happening?

...and the next question is, why is your frog apparently electrically alive?

Jeff Shultz

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Are your frogs powered?

If they are powered do you have the polarity reversed?  Ie. when the turnout is set for the straight route does the frog have the same polarity as the active closure rail through the frog?

If the polarity is correct or the frogs aren't powered perhaps you have a problem with a set of metal loco wheels bridging a gap (for example, the backs of the wheels might be touching one closure rail right at the frog while the tread of the wheels is resting on the other closure rails.



 Contributing Editor, Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine

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Its also possible

It's also possible you don't have gaps beyond the frog in the two center rails. If you have two turnouts facing each other and the turnouts are power-routing, if you throw either of the turnouts a certain way, you'll get a short.

Most likely you don't have all the gaps you need in the turnouts ...

Joe Fugate
Publisher, Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine

Joe Fugate's HO Siskiyou Line

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I should have added it is controlled by a tortis switch machine, I will test both of your thoughts

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my layout is controlled by DCC, should I have an insolated gap on the short

side of (incoming side)switch.

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