Yo whats up? Monsterrailroad here!


 Yo whats up this is Big al just here to say HEY!!  I am going to make future periodic passes thru here and see what is up. I know a lot of you out there know who I am and all but I still wanted to introduce myself.  I am Al Mayo I live in Norwich, Ct.  I do a lot of HOW TO videos of weathering and everything model railroading related.  I do a lot fo work on Youtube.  I have the most fun making videos and using my videos sort of like forum topics to be discussed.  I am sort of the Bad boy of model railroading aka the Tupac of model trains.  Some people cannot stand my in your face style and silly jokes but some people love me.  I always say 'To know me is to love me'   Period.  If you do not know who I am and would likt ot find out just come to Youtube.  




Find out what youve been missing.  I spend a lot of time to share all of my techniques and I also plan to come here and do the same.  Maybe I will submit my layout to this online magazine as well My layout website is at



Well nice to be here!!

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Yo B....

...welcome aboard I'd say. Yeah, I know you from the youtube channel and I like wat I see. Straight to the point, wat ya see, is wat ya get. Further more, you are doing a great job for the younger model railroaders community. (cfr. the free give away weathering projects, etc etc). Maybe, MRH having you here might live up our weekly movie monday....who knows. Myself being from Belgium (Europe) I have a, considered by some, bad European taste of humour and even I am "lmao" on the "in your face style" and "silly" jokes. I am sure some of the members here will go, " om, here goes the MRH hood ", but I am glad having you here. BTW, wat took you so long? lol.  The only thing, I wouldn't refer to you as the Tupac of model railroading, since we all know wat happened to him and that would be again a loss, to our community. Just keep riding them spinners, 22's, no less...(for the blonds, lol, read, keep up the good work)...................peace, out.


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Welcome Al

I have to ask too.  What took you so long to get here man?

I followed a link to your youtube channel from a hastily deleted thread elsewhere and checked out what you are doing.  Seems like good stuff to me, and your self described, "in your face style" didn't tweak my melon at all.

Sure I know who you are.  Who has frequented that "other" model railroad forum who does not know the name Al Mayo, the arch nemisis of some of the "old ladies" who moderate things over there.

I've heard a lot about you man.  I hope to see you contributing to the positive environment here at MRH.  Looking forward to seeing more of your work.  Going to check out your layout now.

Once again, welcome to the forum


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OK, Sorry, I have to ask.......

Is all the veiled references in your post BH, to the Model Trains Weathered group?

Just need to know, and I will leave it at that.



No problem


Nope.  I have never been there.  Sending you a PM.



Went to your youtube channel and checked out the job you did on the Canadian Cylindrical Hopper car.  Nice weathering man!

Got a real good laugh out of the shower scene, LOL!

 Thanks guys.  I can tell you

 Thanks guys.  I can tell you what has taken me so long.  I really love the video interaction the most.  Plus I really get to express my self without any "moderation"  but i will be a good guy here.  I will not say ANYTHING.  I really have learned to express my opinions on Youtube and away from text forums.  So I promise to be cool.  :)   I love model railroading and I am just full of crazy energy in this hobby.  Just about everything i do is exciting because I make it that way not that it is always fun.  I make it fun.   MOST of the guys over at WTW are... nevermind.  Lets just say they do not like me, aww well.   No sweat.    Anyway I am here for fun!!  Not hateing.  Let the fun begin!!

You are most welcome

Glad to hear it Al!  I look forward to keeping up with your youtube efforts.  Your doing some nice video editing too btw.

Video is one of the really fun things about MRH.  You can easily embed a youtube video in a post if you want guys here to see it.

I can hear and see your enthusiasm for the hobby and it's contagious!  Watching that weathering video makes me want to grab a piece of rolling stock and get going!

I try not to judge others too much if I can avoid it and I certainly don't take second hand rumors as an indication of what a guy is like.  I like to find out for myself, so regardless of who likes you or doesn't elsewhere, you're a good guy to me until you show me otherwise.

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Cool videos man. Youre weathering techniques are pretty interesting. Nice to see other young faces enjoying the hobby. I dont model modern era but I like looking at other peoples modern stuff.... Especially when its good. Cheers

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Nice to have you over here at

Nice to have you over here at MRH!

I have been checking out your videos and can't stop!  It's difficult to support my boy Manning and watch Youtube at the same time ya know?!?

I do have a question... with your weathering dip technique do you run into any problems with the wheels or couplers?  I see it both ways as being a major problem with sticking, or none at all since the solution is so diluted.

Just curious... but keep up the excellent work, its awesome to see the work in progress, rather than a finished product and a sacred secret how it got there.


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Yo! Right back at ya

Al, good to see that others are here that believe in speaking the truth.  Like the others, I've seen your videos and like 'em.  I think I know what others forums were being referenced.  The moderators there want everybody to hold hands around the campfire and sing songs instead of allowing any actual discussion to take place that might have opposing views to their own.

Al, just remember that Yo is just Oy spelled backwards.

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