HO scale 2 truck Shay

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Hi Everyone,

I have been looking for an HO scale 2 truck shay, but find that they can only be had in brass and older roundhouse kits.  Are there more out there that I missed?  And would it be difficult to convert a Bachmann 3 truck shay to a 2 truck?



2 Truck Shay

I have three of the 3 truck Bachmann Shays.

Converting the Bachmann 3 truck Shay to 2 truck is easely done. Problem is that 1/3 of the truck will now stick out in the rear.  You could get around this by scratch building a new coal bunker for it.  This would also give you more room for a DCC decoder.  The bunker just behind the cab is held down by 2 screws and you then have a nice flat surfate to work with.

Marc Fournier, Quebec 




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NO I don't believe there is

I have 2 HOn3 narrow Gauge 2 Truck Shays that are Brass a 25 Ton and 32 Ton I also have 2 of the Roundhouse 2 truck and 1 of their 3 truck all three of these are Narrow Gauge. I also have the Bachmann spectrum 3 truck an an HO Gauge Roundhouse 2 Truck and there was a tyco 2 truck HO scale shay years ago but it was more of a shay mix and dorky looking. I'm not sure but I think I have another Roundhouse 2 Truck Shaw that is still in Kit form but I'll have to look through the storage Shelves to see and will sell it for $75.00 if I didn't build it already but with all the shays I've owned over the years Most 2 truck are as you said were Brass and the roundhouse. I do remember there is one other made that unpowered and I believe NWSL made a kit to power it I'll check into it. Precision scale comes into mind.

Rio Grande Dan

2-truck Shays in HO

"I do remember there is one other made that unpowered and I believe NWSL made a kit to power it I'll check into it. Precision scale comes into mind."


Keystone made this, and NWSL made the powering kit.  It makes a lovely model, and is available periodically on eBay.

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Thank you Paul !! for the

Thank you Paul !! for the life of me I couldn't remember the name Keystone. I have seen them on E-Bay alot. You can build them in HO or HOn3 they go for around $30.00 most of the time and then you can buy the Motorizing kit for like $19.00 direct from NWSL. These are the 18 ton 2 truck or maybe the 25 ton I'm not sure.


In fact there is one on E-Bay listed right now with 6 plus days left to bid It's listed as an HOn3 and the bid is at $9.99 right now see link below.


Rio Grande Dan

There's a reason there's lots

There's a reason there's lots of them in kit form on ebay...just a warning!

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Well, I just discovered

Well, I just discovered something rather disappointing-The shay the Lowville and Beaver River owned was aquired recently, and not in the 20s, which is what I am going to model.  I will keep my eyes open and if I find one cheap enough, I might just modify history a bit .

Modeling the Lowville and Beaver River Railroad in HO

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