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This might seem like an elementary question, but I am thinking of purchasing a Miller Engineering billboard sign (Mobil gas). My question is I have an Ho scale layout, but the HO scale billboard looks a little over powering in size. I saw the N scale sign on a layout in a hobby shop and it looked more protypical. Has anyone had any experience with these signs and it so what has your experience been?


I wanted one of their signs for a liquor store window. But they only had it in "HO" and "O" scale. The HO one scaled out to be 6ft across. Way too big for a liquor store neon sign. At least their window signs have specific dimensions. I don't know if the billboards do. It's also a matter of the size of the area you are modeling. Prototype billboards come in sizes from 8ft to over 40ft across. If you have a large city scene with some tall buildings the larger billboard probably won't overpower things. But if you have a smaller scene with mostly one and two story buildings the "N" scale one might be the better choice. 

My Dad has their Pennsylvania Railroad one in "HO" and it looks fine on top of a factory building that is 4 stories tall and an actual 2ft wide.



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Rick Wade wrote an article

Rick Wade wrote an article for MRH in the April 2011 issue regarding the use of a customized Miller Engineering sign



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