Modeling Sturgis MI in HO-scale NYC/PRR


Sturgis MI 1943

This blog is for people who wish to see progress. Participants are free to make comments and suggestions and to ask questions. We will begin with my layout diagram. We will focus on Jim Six's layout past, present and projected future.


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In the case of my Sahwatch Street Yard located just southwest of downtown Colorado Springs from 1880 until 1972, the primary length of the street was 1900 feet with the street being 120 feet wide.  On my layout is 870 scale feet by 190 scale feet.  What are the distances of your area of coverage for both the NYC and PRR?  

I really enjoy the apparent reasonable distances you have the structures in the photos you have shown so far.  I am following the track layout based on an 1895 copy of the Sanborn map for the area.  How have you been able to accomplish the great spacing you have attained?


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Tom VanWormer

Monument CO

Colorado City Yard Limits 1895

how much modeled?

I am modeling approximately 1 mile of each RR, maybe a bit less.

Thanks for asking Tom,


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Room dimensions?


Your trackplan looks roomy and open. What are the general dimensions?

Would you consider adding it to the trackplan database thread?

Can you give us an idea of what typical operations are like?

- Bill
Modeling the BNML in HO Scale, and running RailPro

Here is the PRR side of the

Here is the PRR side of the layout. A grain elevator and the shear manufacturing plane are seen in their roughed-in stage. Someday this will be a completed scene. As you can see, the railroad thought not done is in full service and hosts operating sessions.

Looking the other way

Here is the same scene looking the other direction. Note: the ceiling and fascia has been installed since these photos were taken.

Reply to Bill Brillinger

Counting the staging area the layout measures 12' x 44'. The PRR side is against the poured concrete wall and is a little longer than the NYC side. The open area in the middle is 8-ft from one side to the other. Note, these are older photos and progress has been made since these photos were taken.

Operation can be conduced in many ways. If I have six operators then we form three crews. One crew operates a PRR local train that comes up from Ft Wayne (the staging yard) and switches the PRR side of town. It runs across to the NYC side with transfer cars and picks up cars to take back to the Pennsy. This train completes switching the PRR then returns to Ft Wayne. It typically takes about 2 1/2 hours to do this. A similar NYC local operates the NYC side in a similar fashion. Again, about 2 1/2 hours.


As you can see I like to kitbash my structures. They are loosely based on prototype photos.

I live in Sturgis, MI


I live in Sturgis, MI and find your Layout very interesting. I remember the K-4s on the PRR coming through and the Mohawks on the NYC in the early 50s.

Keep us posted on your progress, your looking good


Doug Van Meter

Thanks Dan. May I ask you

Thanks Dan. May I ask you questions to help me create a better model of Sturgis? Where was the PRR depot? Where might I find photos of it?

Glad you're back, Jim

Glad you started a new blog.  Everything looks great so far.  Keep the photos and inspiration coming.  

Tom Johnson

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