video of train vs. tornado

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We model a lot of things but rarely do I see modeling of foul weather, particularly of the destructive kind. Probably a good reason for that. It would be very hard on the rolling stock.

Here's a video that give credence to that. It claims to be video of a train that tangles with a tornado to the detriment of the train. I'm inclined to believe that's what happened. In any case it's an amazing perspective of things going terribly, terribly wrong out on the mainline. I really like the camera perspective out the cab of the last engine in the consist looking toward the freight cars. (action picks up at about 1:00)

The video offers no details about the railroad or the location or when it happened. Can any of you good readers can provide more information on this incident?


Another copy of the same

Another copy of the same video but with a bit more information about the incident:

RE: video of train vs. tornado

A little info.

Concerning the dash mounted camera. Some people in a different forum were curios about the dash mounted camera. The microphone is mounted outside the cab which explains the loud bang.


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Loud Bang

I  would think the cause of the loud bang would be do to the loose cars moving at 50 MPH and slamming into the engine.

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Here is a little follow up.

Here is a little follow up. Turn down the speaker volume first. The music is loud and obnoxious.

The below is a little info concerning this issue over the years.



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