Spiral Hill Hopper makes it to the Midwest on the S scale Great Plains Northern


A few weeks ago, a coal hopper lettered for the Spiral Hill railroad was spotted on Roy Hoffman's S scale Pennsylvania based layout.  Seems as though the hopper has made it South of the Chicago area to the coal fields in Illinois.  Here it is in a Milwaukee Road yard.

A week later it's empty and being moved via the Chicago Northwestern Road near Aberdeen, South Dakota.  Photo #2

Just yesterday it is now as part of a Soo Line train headed into the coal fields of North Dakota.  It was most likely interchanged with the CNW at Oakes, Norther Dakota.


The Spiral Hill road is owned by Frank Titman.  Franks layout was seen in Tracks Ahead and In a past issue of Great Model Railroads.

Bob Werre

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Spiral Hill

Nice work, Bob.  Looking forward to where i goes next.

Is Frank still with us?

I still have some old S Gaugians with his early work in them. I can't recall the name of his layout before the Spiral Hill though. It was based in the Anthracite country of Pennsylvania though, THAT I remember. I think he also had a company called Lehigh Valley Models that made a nice coal mine and some other buildings.


Frank Titman

Yes, Frank is still with us. However his MR activities are now pretty limited by age, etc. He sold the Lehigh Valley Models. I met the new owner at the York TCA meet. He's producing some of the kits in O scale now as well as continuing the S. I have several of the models and showcased them at: http://royhoffman.com/pwrr/lvm.html

The new company does the 3 part  mine kit in O as well as others. Frank was the editor of the S Gauge Herald back in the 60's and 70's as well as his S Gaugian articles.



Roy Hoffman

www.royhoffman.com/pwrr The S/Sn3 Scale Penn Western Railroad -

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