Union Pacific bent rail coaling tower


Anyone out there familiar with UP's bent rail coaling tower?  I am in the process of building one in N scale.  Just wondered  if anyone else has modeled this.

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Have not modeled one...

but would like to see your model or a prototype picture.

bent rail coal tower

Thanks for the reply john. I have several pictures of my models (both HO scale and now N scale) and prototype.

I have never uploaded pictures to the forum but will give it a try in the next day or two.

Union Pacific coaling tower in Ellis Kansas

This is the coaling tower and tressel in Ellis Kansas I have modeled this in Ho and now in N.  The HO unit is in Ellis Kansas in the Railroad Museum.  Pictures may be seen on my blog ( jaweicherstblogspot.com/jaweichert)

I will try and get pictures of the N scale version soon.


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Thanks for the picture...

now I know what it looks like. It is very cool, would be a neat model to build. Keep me upto date on your progress.

Just curious

What does the term "bent rail" refer to?

- Milt
The Duluth MISSABE and Iron Range Railway in the 50's - 1:87

Bentrail coaling tower

The term bent rail refers to the way the rails are bent as the progress up the Tessie to the coaling tower they become horizontal.  ( I do have full HO drawings of this if anyone is interested).

Bent rail coaling tower

The link to my blog is incorrect sorry.  The correct address is    jaweicherts.blogspot.com/jaweichert

Hove you enjoy it.


Bent rail coaling tower

n coal tower_0.JPG

This is my N scale version of the Union Pacific coaling tower in Ellis Kansas.

I have now started on the tressle portion hope to complete it in the near future.

Union Pacific buildings built from UP blueprints

It is a cold day in Apache Junction AZ so I thought I would share some pictures of buildings I have built from the blueprints I have been talking about.  Most all of these buildings are in the railroad museum in Ellis Kansas or will be soon.  These are all HO scale comments welcome.  As you can see from the pictures this is still an ongoing project.  I hope to take the roundhouse, backshop and powerhouse to the museum this spring.  That will finish the building that will be in the museum.  This layout represents Ellis as it was in the early 1900's.  Steam went out about 1954 on UP's line from KC to Denver.

update on bent rail coaling tower

I have been working on the coaling tower and thought I would post some pictures.

Top two pictures show the hand rail installed going up the ramp.  The bottom picture is the coaling tower as it now stands.  ( not finished yet ).

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