Raspberry Pi

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Check this out. Sure seems like there should be some ingenious use for this on a model railroad. And at only $25 the price is right.



Nice. Haven't played with


Haven't played with Debian yet...at $25 it's worth trying.

This could totally work with JMRI if you could get the software to cross platforms.

Thanks Alan.

Always love new tech.


Maybe not as powerful as the Pi

But the price is right!


$4.30 for the emulator/programmer kit and 2 MCUs.  One of the guys brought it up on Model Rail Radio a week or two ago, and it sounded like a cheap and cool way to get into the programmable chip stuff.




Saw a review for this in

Saw a review for this in Maximum PC a few months ago, first thing I thought of was a dedicated JMRI computer.

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That is neat.

Right now I have an old desk top beast of a Dell running Windows XP with just JMRI and Decoder Pro running on it.  Nothing else, no internet.  I guess my only gripe is that the PC so freaking big that I had to build a shelf just to support it.  Something like this could be mounted right under the layout and take up less space then a Switch 8.


 Shane T.


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A Corner turned?

The Raspberry Pi is an interesting concept. Cheap hardware and software for the masses. A toy for creativity.

There is a effort to port Google's Android OS to it. Android is a Unix/Linux rooted system used on many smart phones and tablets. The cost of the operating system software is much lower than a windows based system and does not require the expanded level of hardware to run. This system and its latest hardware may be a real challenge to Microsoft's share of the software market.

Many people believe, for many jobs, it is easier to scale up the Android systems than to scale down Windows, . There are many Android tablets on the market in the less than $200.00 range. With an Android based DCC system, it my be possible to have a command station with a touch screen, touch screen throttles, traditional throttles, and a wireless system that uses a Local Area Network wireless router.




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A Plate for Your Pi

Once you have your Raspberry Pi, pickup a Pi Plate.  Yes, you can have your pi and eat it too!

I've been following these since before they were released back in February.  I'm going to get my own piece of Pi sometime in the new year.


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