Frisco Tower - prototype drawing

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Frisco Tower - prototype drawing - MRH Article April 2013Click to read this in landscape orientation … Click to read this in portrait orientation …







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Seeing it in print, I see where future submissions can be improved - thanks Joe!!

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I have been modeling a brick bank building in Sketchup for a year now (with intent to 3D print) so I really appreciate the effort that goes into this work. It would be so cool to publish the sketchup file in MRH! Can you share how you draw the lap siding?


perfect! I hope you make this a regular feature




I drew it up because I needed some practice on my laser cutter - and my was it a practice session!  I still haven't made this particular structure, but the lessons picked up here went straight into the project that made be purchase a laser cutter in the first place, the Bowie station.

My siding here is simply straight lines.  I could have gone a little more complex and made them with more dimension, but for our purposes, this was sufficient.

The goal now is to move forward and make it on the cutter...and to finish the next plan!!!

Laser cutter

Could tell me about the laser cutter?  Which one?  Why you chose the one you did?  It would behelpful.



Jim Miller


I have the 40 watt hobby laser from Full Spectrum Engineering.  Bare bones with everything you need to cut [aka everything that I'm actually using], it sells for $2300 plus $150 for shipping and handling plus another $50 or so for insurance. 

Why did I buy this laser?  Because it was $1000-$2500 cheaper than the next available offering and I had reason to be in Vegas, hence I picked it up and saved another $250.

On site, they trained me on my personal laser, verifying that it functioned as it should, providing me with a very rudimentary guide to using my laser and how to maintain it [most of this knowledge I already had, hence most of my questions were verifications of things I already knew], and then boxed it up and we put it in my truck.

The hardest part of the whole process was getting my projects in Sketchup translated to RetinaEngrave.  If I go straight between the two, my computer "prints" what it sees at the scale it sees it.  To overcome this error, I use a plugin called "flight of ideas" to export the file into a program called Inkscape.  I then print from Inkscape to retina engrave, going back to sketchup to make any changes as I need to make them as the errors are discovered int he translation process, forgoing most all editing in Inkscape as best as possible. Inkscape, for one, does not appear to provide any easy methods to rotating a canvas, so I avoid it.

The only issue I don't like about it at the moment is rotating jobs within the company's software, but I feel it will be improved in time.  For now, it works very well.

Here's a good look at my first truly finished project to come off the laser.  Round two, I think I'll do the walls in 1/32" sheet instead of 1/16" and make them two ply.  More to come!!!


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