Shelf layout project in N scale

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Shelf layout project in N scale - Model trains - MRH Article November 2012






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Thanks, Joe!

Thanks, Joe, Patty & MRH for taking the time to sludge through all my rambling on the forum and selecting and editing the material into a groovy article.
As an editor myself, I know how time-intensive that can be!
When you first talked to me about it months ago, I thought it'd just be a short little "hey, check this out on the forums" blurb or just showing how I mounted the shelf, but you've really put quite a bit of the whole project in and given a nice overview.

It's truly an honor to be included in the pages!

I hope others who post on the forums realize that Joe and other MRH staff are constantly looking at all the great work you guys are doing, and actively participating in a lot of the threads (and that takes a chunk of time, too), but the MRH forum is one of the great aspects of MRH as an online magazine to create a positive interactive community for all model railroaders.

I hope people enjoy the article, and I also hope it inspires those who post their work on the forums to continue to take quality photos and write quality text (saves Joe & Patty from a lot of editing, as in the case of this article :) ).
I'm always amazed at the incredible quality and variety of model found here in both the pages and forum threads of MRH!

Thanks again for including some of the work my daughter & I did on the shelf layout!
If anyone is interested in more nitty-gritty "how-to" details about the project, feel free to drop me an email or check out the two-part "Train-in-a-Box" article in the Nov/Dec 2012 and Jan/Feb 2013 N-Scale Magazine.

Great article!

You've inspired me to try this idea myself. I'd be interested to know more about the oil loading platform. Was this a kit or scratchbuilt? Thanks again for an outstanding project.

I folowed this in the forum....

And I absolutely think if I had seen MC's ideas and work in N scale before I made the switch to HO that I may have stayed in N. I wouldn't need to portability aspect but I would have loved to have built this more permanently and maybe even extended it in size. I just don't have the room now. The HO layout takes up most of the spare room I'm in.


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