Editor's Soapbox - Overcoming lethargy

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Editorial - MRH Feb 2012






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February Editorial

Amen to TTOB , it can happen so easily. I have been working on small projects, painting car weighs, assembling of rolling stock. My biggest problem is right here at the keyboard. Shame on Google leading me to places like "Train-Life" back issues of fallen flag magazines like '"RailModel Journal". My  biggest problem however is cleaning up years of clutter in the basement. Thank goodness the trash gets pick up every Tuesday !

So True

So recognisable, when I really struggle , i build a militairy model just for fun and to have something else to do. Trying really hard now to get a piece of my layout running and with some structures on it, I think that will motivate me to keep going, plus its more fun when you can run a train now and then.

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Would like to invite local model railroaders to help but....

....I find it difficult to explain my complete vision on what I would like to see finished.  Though, once the benchwork is complete, and the subroadbed and roadbed is installed, I am thinking of seeking help with track laying,  It would be very easy for everyone to follow the track plan with roadbed being previously laid down.  And I would definitely need help with the wiring (unless that TAM Battery system catches on fast!) But after that, having persons over to do scenery or structures would be very hard because they don't know what I see in my mind as what I wish to see as the final result.

Ken L.

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