Build an HOn3 turntable

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Gallows Turntable - MRH Aug 2011






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gallows turntable

Question instead of a comment: were the cables metal?  It appears that you painted them rust colored.  I built this model 20+ years ago but never painted the cables as I wasn't sure what they were and it doesn't look right with the clear nylon.  Okay a comment also: very good job of explaining how you assembled it.



I figured they pretty much

I figured they pretty much had to be metal but just wasn't sure.  You're right, the turnbuckles should have tipped me off.  Thanks for answering my question.


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A great article with great photos. Using the shaft with a handle attached to turn the table was a great idea. Well done.



Geared is the way to tight radii and steep grades. Ghost River Rwy. "The Wet Coast Loggers"


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About figures

I may be mistaken, but, from my interpretation of the figure captions, it appears figure 13 and 15 are swapped. Figure 13 shows the NBWs, but the caption for Figures 14&15 discuss there placement - the caption for Figures 12&13 discuss the truss rod saddles, but I believe they are part of the illustration in Figure 15.

Also, the article discusses "truss rods", but this post is discussing "truss cables" - the prototype probably did use rods and not cables.

I gave the article a rating of 5 anyway - most of it merits a high rating.


Bill D.

N Scale (1:160), not N Gauge. DC (analog), Stapleton PWM Throttle.

Proto-freelance Southwest U.S. 2nd half 20th Century.

Keep on trackin'



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It was fun

Thank you for the comment, Bill.

It was fun to build the turntable - and I like photography. smiley

You're right, fig 14 shows the NBWs at the underside of the bridge. With fig 14 & 15 you see the top of the bridge and the NBWs attached to the "metal plates". You see I cut the NBWs smooth and glued them with CA to the plates, quite a few. At the prototype there would be connecting rods I think.


Laws turntable

I visited this table back in 2006, I seem to remember this turntable has cables... but unfortunately all my pictures are on the "frozen" drive.

[Edit: NOT cable!  RODS!!!]


I found my Camera drive last night... and it still had most of the pictures still on it!!! YIPPEE!!!!!

So here's some pictures of the Law's Turntable!!

[I'll post the pictures once I have them up on my facebook page!]

Day One:

Alas, My battery Died half way through the visit... luckily, there was a second day upon which I could make a visit!

Day Two

On this day there were people actively working on site, interesting to say the least.  I didn't mingle much, though, whereas I had to get as much onto my camera as I could humanly find possible in the next two hours before I got tired!
If you visit my second album, you might notice my pictures are a bit backwards in order, somewhat.  This is because on the second day I walked to the site from the research site, as opposed to Bishop, which was about a mile or two walk in all, and came up behind the museum.  I still entered through the main gate!  I simply let my camera and the zoom do the work on the way in!





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Thank you

Great pictures from Laws. Thank you very much.


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