Changes on the Franklin & South Manchester

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Franklin & South Manchester - MRH Issue 6 - Mar/Apr 2010






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As a big fan

of George Sellios and his layout, I thoroughly enjoyed this article.  I'm downloading the high quality video as I write this and can't wait.  Thanks to George for allowing MRH to do this and also for Model Trains Video to distribute his pictures collection to help pay for MRH. 


HO Scale '70s/80s era

F&SM - Missed Opportunity?

George's style has always seemed a little "over the top" to me, but I still greatly respect his work.  Several years ago, I chaperoned my son's high school band on a cross-country visit to the Boston area.  We stayed at a hotel in Danvers and spent one of the days sightseeing around Salem.  It wasn't until shortly after returning from the trip that I realized George's layout is located in Peabody, right between Danvers and Salem!  If I had known this earlier, I would have contacted George long before the trip to see if I could arrange a visit.  Of course, it might not have happened anyway for a variety of reasons - including whether I would have been allowed to break away from the kids during the trip.  Still, I kick myself every time I think about it for not having at least requested a visit.

I hope those folks who now have the opportunity to operate the F&SM truly appreciate having access to such a fascinating layout.

Tom Hillebrant


Fantastic detail.  A real inspiration.  I may have to get the pictures now...

I've seen the photos and they are...

I've been following the F&SM off and on for at least 25 years now. The photos are well worth the price as most of us will never get a chance to view, much less operate that fine madel railroad. BTW, operations are new feature of this layout because it originally did not include them. Instead, the layout as a plae where George Selios could show off his skills and talent and to sell the kits of featured structures that the layout's owner designed, made and sold on a subscription basis to his customer base.


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FSM layout

Great article on George's incredible layout. I had the opportunity to visit the layout while at the Portland NG convention. Your report and video interview is excellent. Many years ago when I modeled in HOn3 I built many of the FSM kits for my layout. I can still remember the challenge of painting those castings.

Thanks you for a great magazine. I look forward to seeing the announcement that the next issue is out in my email box. This now by far the best Railroad Hobby Magazine around.

Thanks Joe.

Keith Stamper,

Nemarket, ON


Keith Stamper

Rio Grande Southern RR

Scale On3

Newmarket, Ontario

bear creek's picture

Thanks Keith! It sounds like

Thanks Keith! It sounds like you might have had almost as much fun looking at article as I had taping the interview and building the article and video clip!  You don't have to agree with George's vision of the '30s but you have to admire his craftsmanship and attention to detail!



 Contributing Editor, Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine

Not to wander...

too far off topic but I did download the pictures and I continue to be impressed with the detail and realism in the scenes.  The package was well worth the price.

F&SM Comments

George Sellios thanks you all for your kind comments on this latest interview with him & the f&sm layout. I've had the honor & privilege of knowing George for 25 years & working along side him bringing his layout to operating status. We’ve done a lot of track & switch improvements, wiring, adding new locations to switch out, relocating trackage to eliminate tunnels, upgrading & repairing brass & plastic locomotives with sound & multiple operating lights. New town, yard & main line track names were added along with new structures all for better realistic operation on the f&sm. A working signal system is also in the planning stages for the future. If you haven’t seen or recently seen the f&sm at one of George’s open houses we encourage you to stop in & say hi. We’ll provide the smile on your face to take with you in this “World’s Greatest Hobby”. Thanx Thom….

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Thank you, Thom

There are a number of layouts I'd like to see in my time and I plan to try to do that in 10-15 years when the kids (hopefully) move out.  George's is number one on my list of want to see layouts and I hope I don't miss the opportunity to see it.  Of course, my kids just may want to see his layout as well.  They enjoyed the pictures as much as I did.  Thank you for sharing your personal message.  This is one of those excellent things that MRH provides - direct feedback to an article and personal messages from those personally involved in the article. 


HO Scale '70s/80s era

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He is so close

His layout is so close.. really need to make down there.

Good stuff!


“If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.”           My modest progress Blog


I have nothing but amazement for how someone can work so hard and so long on a non-essential endevor like the F&SM.  Having said that, Mr. Sellios is a genuine artist.  I only have one, very small, criticism.  Having grown up around the Boston area, we could always tell when we crossed over into New Hampshire because the road lines changed from white to yellow.  I still remember the surprise when I saw the first yellow lines in Mass.

Another world - just amazing

Every time I see George's layout and masterpieces I realise what's possible, and is an inspiration to encourage me to improve my modeling skills - although I doubt I will ever have the workmanshipo, patience, time or money to build anything in this class - but I am enjoying the journey.  Thaks again for this special insight into one of the world's great artists.

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