SP 4449 Excursion on the Siskiyou Line

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SP 4449 Excursion - MRH Issue 5 - Jan/Feb 2010






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brothaslide's picture

Video link not working

I am trying to view the video associated with this article but the video won't load.   

joef's picture

Which version of the magazine, please?

Which version of the magazine, please? Standard or embedded? Mac or PC? Which browser are you using? IE, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome?

Typical approaches to solving this problem:

1. Try the legacy video playback option on the bottom of the video screen

2. Try a different browser

3. Try a different computer

4. Try rebooting your computer and see if it works any differently

5. Try upgrading your flash player:  - click here to check which version you have installed. The first digit needs to be 9 or greater. If the Flash Player version is good (9+) but are still having problems, we found if you uninstall your Flash Player, reboot, and install the latest version of Flash Player fresh, it often solves the problem.

If any of this works, then it will give you a clue as to where the problem is.

We've tested this stuff on multiple computers and it was all working - so the problem's at your end somehow. The trick is finding it.

Joe Fugate
Publisher, Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine

Joe Fugate's HO Siskiyou Line

brothaslide's picture

blip.tv being blocked


We use Opendns to block certain sites and apparently, blip.tv is categorized under, "Adult Themes".  I'll change the permissions to allow blip.tv and see if that fixes the problem.


joef's picture

Ah, that's probably it

Yep, that's probably it. Also, if you download the Embedded edition, you won't need to deal with blip.tv at all, since the video content is all embedded into the PDF using Flash.

Joe Fugate
Publisher, Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine

Joe Fugate's HO Siskiyou Line

Rio Grande Dan's picture

The 4449 on the Siskiyou is Great

This is a great article about a great Engine. It really brings backs an old memory of the Freedom Train running through the San Fernando Valley in So.Cal when 3 of my buddies and I happened to be riding Honda Dirt Bikes in the Chatsworth Mountains and along the SP main running Tunnels. Thats when we saw the Lights on the other end of a Tunnel we had just entered and spun around to clear the way. We had been hearing the whistle for awhile and just couldn't figure out what was making it. When it came out of the tunnel we couldn't believe it and rode along side of it for a mile on the service road then it went into the next tunnel and I noticed the diesels and all the colorful passenger cars and it even had a caboose all painted up in the freedom colors thanks for bring back that memory.

I really enjoyed the photos of all the different paint schemes over the years and your Video Excursion on the Siskiyou really makes me want to go out and buy that engine. Thanks this Issue of MRH has really out done itself and I've only gotten 33% of the Magazine red.


Rio Grande Dan


I'm very impressed with your modelling. Please tell us how you got realistic sound in stereo!



I just downloaded the highly

I just downloaded the highly detailed HD version and watched for the umpteenth time, and while enjoying all the fantastic detail, sound and just great production, what do my wandering eyes notice, but at 1:04 in, the 2nd mail/baggage car has its rear set of wheels being dragged along. I certainly do not mean to poke holes in anything, especially after all of the hard work and first rate effort of the videos and magazine. But I can't help but feel a little bit "wheww, it's not just me this happens to."  Thanks for the reality check!  lol



joef's picture

Yep, saw that

Yep, saw that too! Amazing what HD video reveals, aye?

Just after the excursion went around the corner there at Rice Hill, Brandon hollered "hold it! - we're on the ground!"

So yes, a derailment ... obviously, by the time we got to the North Umpqua bridge, everything was back on the track and working great.

As you say, happens to us all now and then ... (wink and grin)

Joe Fugate
Publisher, Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine

Joe Fugate's HO Siskiyou Line


Joe - loved the video and those great sounds. Where do you get/project those great rail clicks and clunks?

Cheers, Jake

Cheers, Jake

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