Finally - See the new MagnaLock coupler hoses in action!

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Watch the video demo ... amazing

Joe Fugate
Publisher, Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine

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Really, that's it?

We have seen this before on MRH. Very interesting, but a "great innovation"? Not so much.

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The innovation is ...

This idea has been kicking around some forums for a few years but it's just been a novelty.

Now it's coming to market as a widely available product for HO, N, and other scales. It's going from a curiosity to a commonly available product like magnetic couplers.

While a few in-the-know may be aware of this, the masses have not known about it, nor could they get it.

That has all changed, and that part IS a BIG DEAL.

Joe Fugate
Publisher, Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine

Joe Fugate's HO Siskiyou Line

And How much?

I have over 700 cars on and off the layout.  I'm sure this is more for the folks with small fleets of cars.  I could not imagine adding this to 700+ cars at few bucks each that could be a few big bills.

HO would be cool with O & On30 would be better.  But in N that is  another small small thing to get broken or lost on the layout.

What keeps the free end of a house from catching stuff at track level.  Or track nail heads the people use in both HO an N scale?

I'm in the process of removing stuff from the car that normally gets broken or abused during operations.

It is very cool to see but will folks bend down to eye level and look?

- Moderated into submission -

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They're $2.50 per car, available in sets of 10 pair for $25 USD.

If they catch on, they'll probably start coming with the cars from the higher-end manufacturers just like knuckle couplers now do.

Joe Fugate
Publisher, Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine

Joe Fugate's HO Siskiyou Line


From their web site:

So that is $2.50 per car. For 700+ cars OUCH, but I suspect that you could phase them in over time or to new cars only. Their web site says they are Kadee compatible.



A bit Anal retentive don't you think? How close would you have to get to actually see this happen? Great idea, but......................... hmmmmmmm???????

I Like it!

I like it!

It's better than a Segway!


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Amazing to me

I very much like the look as well as how they operate.  It will be interesting to see them on on N-Scale for sure.  

I'm curious about magnetic uncoupling setups and the impact of these on setups with them.  I was researching magnetic uncoupling today coincidentally for my new N-Scale layout......

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They aren't for everybody

But if you like that detail and want to foot the bill for it, its pretty cool and very doable.  So many people are trying to get to the realism level on every detail, and this is just one more that is vastly superior to the trip pins.  Coupled with Sergeant couplers, it looks very realistic.

I just don't understand why some feel the need to crap on something that they themselves don't find value in.  I can tell you after talking to PWRS today, the demand for these things is sky high.  The main reason PWRS took over is because the initial one man operation could not come close to meeting the demand on his own.  He was overwhelmed in about 45 minutes from orders.  Now they will be manufactured in large quantities to meet the demand.  So obviously a lot of people find value in them.


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